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  1. wow amazing job .... I salute you, really amazing job ... I freddo users say thank you for this job .. my permission rom download you get up and I asked permission to also use your karnal Establishing a rom other ...... this time I just look at what you are doing because really difficult for me to sign because forgot password continues,,, sorry if my english bad .... once again I thank you much .... I like a bunch of what you do for freddo :D
  2. yes, it's just a bug that I experienced .. if you could guide me to make a rom for my zte
  3. hallo sir equiliym ... I apologize in advance if you download the file without permission ..... I've tried rom cm-7-20120805-nightly-you-made mooncakes in my zte_U v852/freddo after insytal pach-gb GAPPS 20,110,828 -minimal and there is a bug in the wifi and auto rotate ... if you can help satya to build a rom for my zte ........ thanks in advance for your
  4. please my friend ... my user zte_U_V852 I hope the racer forum is no enlightenment for me because bootlop after installed fonts, and after the research is still reset my phone tetapp bootlop whether a newbie ... what to do ... please dear friend
  5. Greetings of the master ............. I need help lord lord sekailan, assuming anyone know tida frimwer for ZTE V852 Dreamer hopefully here host master can help me. thanks before

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