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  1. Anybody having problem sending and receiving mms? Any application to help me with mms? I use hancent and seems to send mms forever...
  2. This topic should be maintained. Most of us are satisfied with this rom and it is a doubt if we will ever want to install a new rom in our phones. Going from 2.3.5 to 4 version is a good leap. Great expectations for 4.1 version? It will take months to be complete and only god know how many things will be omitted. So, there is a good a reason for this topic to be alive. This is what I think.
  3. How can I flash s3 kernel over tilal's rom? Will I see any visible changes?
  4. Can I flash from 28/6 rom to C3C0 build, as an update? Or it needs a clean install?
  5. Can we assume that this rom is discontinued? Will it gain any new features or problem fixing(if possible)? Anybody working on it? This is it? End of the road for this rom? If we want better improvements should we look for other roms? What do you think?
  6. Is there any hope of a battery drain fix? I think that this is a major problem.
  7. We should add 'youtube' application to non-working items of the first page.
  8. I need a lite version for youtube, not facebook! Something to play youtube videos with this rom.
  9. Can you give me the link of lite version on play? I search for it and I cannot find it.
  10. This is what I told to everybody here, a few posts ago. I was having 4 days minimum, on battery, with 15/5 version. And now it is only 2 days with 28/6 version. It is not my idea, it is a fact.
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