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  1. Is there a work around for flash player to work on 4.1.1 ? Lots of Belgian news sites work with flash...
  2. Lol....i just set all settings and installed my apps on I4... I think i will stay on this one for a week or 2. I have no keyboard problems on this one
  3. I'll have a try at this i4. I had a problem with the h8, i could only use the keyboard in landscape mode, if i would use it in normal mode all keys where out of sync. I did not try a reinstall because i knew you would release a new one soon. Thx
  4. The only thing i coulf find is that you can longpress a bubble and then save that one to sim
  5. Hi Gary, Is your latest JB Stable and ok for a daily? Thanks ;)
  6. Is it allready that good to use as a daily? Hmmm, should i give it a try...
  7. So in other word, not worth the full wipe ... is stick with ICS then Thanks for sharing anyway
  8. please V3 for the international S3, did great job on my S3 its 65mb http://dl.dropbox.co...oolKit v3.0.exe
  9. I dont know if i'll flash it then.... they say JB will come verry soon I guess you will have a play with it? Keep up the good work! ;)
  10. Thank man, just flashed it with rom manager. Works great! I did not like the lockscreen rotation because the background would crop and don't look nice. Thanks again
  11. Thanks man, will install this first thing in the morning, phone is sharging now :D One more Q, can i use your blue icons again on XXBLG8 ? EDIT : Crome tells me the zip could be harmfull ... first time i get this ?
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