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  1. Hello evryone.I got the Desire today and I would very much like to do root on my phone.I'm a total novice about all this and I'd like to ask someone for help.When I go in the boot menu (volume down+power) i have this: -Revolutionary BRAVO PVT3 SHIP S-OFF HBOOT-6.93.1002 MICROP-051d TOUCH PANEL-SYN0101 RADIO- Aug 10 2010 HBOOT FASTBOOT RECOVERY CLEAR STORAGE SIMLOCK Can someone suggest where to find a tutorial step by step how to do root on my phone because I'm a total beginner? Thanks. I do the job and install custom roms.Lock or delete.
  2. I have the Samsung i7500, and I would like to install a custom rom to update 1.5 version of at least 2.1.This is my first phone with Android OS, and my knowledge about it is really small.I hope someone can help me where to find a tutorial on how to do to update my phone.I apologize if I put the topic in the wrong place.
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