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  1. Has someone seen on ebay or any other site, skates microphone on sale? Mic comes with hardware buttons on same board, and im having problem finding it. Regular google searching didnt give any results.
  2. Thanks very much! My mistake, I bought a digitizer named "onechip"(never heard of), today i replaced it with focaltech one and it works. Seems like there are more than 3 manufacturers.
  3. Does this rom support focaltech digitizer, because i changed mine today and it doesnt work? All kernel links in cecos thread are dead.
  4. Yes, you dont need a script or an app for ext partitions. @H3ROS I couldnt replicate the problem i had last night. So it might have to do something with my PC, cable or even sd card.
  5. It is perfect, works very well. Animations and transitions are smooth as it gets on gb. Since i have Gnex i can say it looks like AOSP or very close to it. Feeling is almost the same. Thank u h3ros very much, i sincerely appreciate it. Youve given Skate a new life, and im very grateful. Thanks again!
  6. After a year it seems like a complete waste of time for H3ROS, because when it gets released very few people will be able to appreciate the hard work. He couldve spent time on doing projects with better outlooks. I understand his need for perfection, but at this point whole project is pointless. I know ill be grateful when it comes out, but looking it from a wider perspective doesnt seem logical. Or, hes the biggest troll on the internet :D.
  7. Ive noticed a bug with volume lvl while playing music on headphones. Jenkins roms have pretty much average sound. But when i call someone during playing music and end call, volume gets immediately higher for about 30%. Ive noticed this on 3-4 builds, but how can i make it pernament. I dont want to dial someone everytime i want higher volume. I dont know what to relate this to, maybe kernel?
  8. There is an app on xda for ics recent apps on gb. It isnt ported because i guess its hard, its made from scratch. So anyone can install it if wants to.
  9. Example, you can see on off switches but cant see of what. Most of the thing are themed well, but in many applications new theme makes buttons invisble. In link2sd, buttons look shaded as if they were unavailable, and some cant be seen at all. For example, pressing bottom of the screen works(for ok and dismiss) but that field is blank as if there was nothing there.
  10. Dont mean to sound rude but this new rom story started way back in 2012. Thats 9 months ago. In january you posted some preview shots of its looks saying it wont be finished soon. In april you said its 95% finished and it need finishing touches and it would be ready in couple of weeks. Thats 4.5 mothes ago... 15 days ago you said it would be ready for the 1st of sept. Skate is my 3rd phone and it has been in my drawer for over a year so i dont really use it, but every now and then i like to see whats new. But i guess there are people that are waiting to see if your new rom will give our skates a new life. My point is, even though your making us all a big favour you shouldnt have made any promisses in the first place. I am pretty sure there are people which have delayed their purchases of new phone. We all respect you and are very grateful for your work, so please next time just release it and dont make us eagerly await it.
  11. Tried it for an hour. So lets start. Terrible start up music... Confusing menus, not well thought through. Infinite number of menus and submenus, with no particular order. Id need to spend over 2 hours to tweak it to my need. Not to mention that the settings style is hideous. On the other hand works smooth as it gets on GB with stock launcher (nothing better than CM7.2, Mokee os..), has plenty of settings, tweaks and things to work with. All in all, i wouldnt recommend it because it looks like an unfinished product but doesnt mean someone wouldnt like it. IMHO main problem is its blend of styles. PIO, GB stat bar, terrible looking soft buttons, JB like notification bar, Donut like settings menu style...
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