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  1. centodue i don't know why,but it's work on this moment,all night in sleep mode,batery 80-56 % erikcas Kernel-B7610-REV105
  2. what about my problem? or i only one who got this?) and if device on charging,it works fine,but when i take off the cable and press once button (on\off power) and in 5 minutes i press it again,device don't turning on and don't receive calls.... soft reset helps only (((
  3. my b7610 is hanging up after it goes in sleep mode,any solutions for solving this problem?
  4. жаль что 6.1,уже на 6.5.3 привык пользовать этот девайс. спасибо за ссылку,на 4пда в лс ты уже его мне скинул :)
  5. seem's to be no one wants to upgrade it.... ^(
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