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  1. 上次sky_jiahao兄弟转发了3-17的更新,有人外国友人说看不懂,这次我转发的时候注意了这个问题,用我那十几年都木有用得上的英语简单翻译了下,不准勿怪。 其实都是一个地球的,都相互谅解下,我平时看外语论坛的帖子也几乎在看天书,但是我从木有抱怨过。
  2. Reproduced post: 基于CM做的MIUI ROM。【个人练手用】有问题可联系:[email protected] based on CM7.2.0. and MIUI 2.3.7C. Have any questions please contact: [email protected] 【2012.3.24更新】 【 2012.3.24 update 】 1.修复theme问题:现在不用重启就能让新theme起作用了。 1. Repair theme problem: new theme takes effect without restart now. 2.添加通话录音功能。 2. Add call recording function. 3.修复拒绝短信FC问题。 3. Repair when refused to SMS then FC problems appear 4.通话界面根据theme进行变换。 4. Call interface can according to the theme for change. 下载地址:Download address: http://115.com/file/...-BLADE-0324.zip 上周工作比较忙,很多bug都来不及解。只能慢慢来了 Last week is too busy, many bug all too late to solve. Can only slowly to solve 总结了下,剩下的一些主要问题: Issues: 1.USB问题:系统service被杀掉导致的系统异常重启 1. USB problems: when system service process is kill then lead to abnormal restart the system 2.部分界面看不清问题:有些是由于theme导致的。 2. Part of the interface can't see clear : some are due to the theme. 3.Phone应用FC 3. The Phone application FC 4.振动问题。 4. Vibration problems. 5.性能问题 5. Performance problems 6.虚拟键支持 6. Virtual key support problems 7.异常重启问题 7. Abnormal restart problems 8.WIFI/BT问题:请换个好用的底包试试。 WIFI/BT problem 9.功能缺失:字体等 9. Function lack: fonts, etc 10.界面美化:欢迎其它大大能做出更美观的界面。我擅长的是码代码 10. Interface beautification: welcome other lovers can make more beautiful interface. I'm good at is code changes.
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