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  1. J-a-y

    Google Play Services

    How can I find out which version is installed on my phone?
  2. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    Just got round to installing DSPManader. Works a treat. Just installed the zip from sd using clockwork, booted, android said it was updating, done. Thankyou very much. I listen to a lot of music, and it really was a pain sorting out levels for each app, and that's for the ones that even had an equalizer. I find the cm DSP much more high end.
  3. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    Thanks soup thief. As I have put in another post, clockworkmod won't allow a backup. It says can't mount. Is this because I have turned on androids device encryption?
  4. I have root permission and installed CWM. However I can't get CWM to read or write to internal storage. I get a mount error. Is this because I have used androids encryption to encrypt the phone?
  5. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    Thanks. Now being quite new to this how exactly do I install. I have unlocked the bootloader and have clockwork mod installed. Am i correct in thinking that I place the .zip that you have given me on the Nexus storage, then boot into clockworkmod and install from zip? Also how do I remove incase of any future updates and incompatabilities?
  6. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    For me the music effects options only appear if I have installed a second DSP manager. I can then switch between the two. But this only works for apps that support jelly beans equaliser. I can't seem to find any apps in the market place that override everything. Is there a way to take DSP manager from cm mod and put it into the stock ROM. I don't really want to use cyanagen as apart from DSP I am happy with stock.
  7. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    This just gives me an option to select MusicFX, I can't change any settings, no equalizer appears. I am using the stock 4.2.2. I am not using google music player either. I use spotify and subsonic.
  8. J-a-y

    DSP Manager

    Is there a DSP manager that runs system wide just like the one in cm9. I didn't realise just how much I relied on that on my old phone. Preferably can it be installed by simple .apk install.
  9. That will disable update notifications for all apps not just one. It seems that with Google its all or nothing.
  10. Is there a way to turn off the update notifications for certain apps only. 1 app is constantly telling me to update, but I don't want to do to size limitations on my phone.
  11. Thanks for the advice. The install went with no problems. One thing I will do though is not to set up google sync straight away because google play goes mad installing all the apps that I had. I will install Titanium first then restore apps with that.
  12. Thanks. Also forgot to mention, I have partitioned my sd card with ext partition for a2sd. Do I need to do anything about that?
  13. I am currently running release 5 of Fish n Chips but i am going to flash it to 7. However I have Avast antivirus with theft protection installed and enabled. Avast denies root access to the phone and also turns off debugging. Am I right in thinking that I should unintall Avast before I start the normal flash process to version 7? I also has Titanium Backup installed. After uninstalling Avast should I remove any backups of Avast that Titanium has before I do reinstall on the fresh rom?
  14. Its definately the file that i used to unlock and install fnc with. Thats how i downloaded it.
  15. Here is a copy of the OSFII drivers that I have uploaded to dropbox that I got form the original link in the guide. https://www.dropbox.com/s/015v598esnondmf/osf-ii-driver-windows.exe

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