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  1. does this kernel support linux swap partition
  2. Dear All I have installed this rom on the Idea blade and i have no doubts that this is the best ginger bread rom ever for this phone. But i have found one main issue. When is try to go in to the phone status option that is settings>about phone>status and when i try to select network operators or network details it rejects the operation and gives the error, "process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly, please try again" and network disconnects and restarts. Any body else facing the same issue. Lets work to get this cleared. This is best gingerbread rom.. Also they have come up with new update as well 1.7.20 http://www.everbox.com/f/jaa5ST8KxrQAQqbhQ7IaTYS5m4
  3. The same problem continues in CM7 as well. I dont really know why this is not working in the blade, but i have tested it on my friends samsung and it works smoothly. The system does differentiate between a headset with or without mic. I thought you maybe able to crack this for all the blade users.. Seems no luck..this time. Thanks any ways..
  4. Hey KonstaT need your guidance on the same... Please help.. Need to crack this.
  5. Hi members/Developers I saw in some Samsung phones that even when the normal headphones (with out microphone) are plugged in and a call comes, the voice of the call is heard in the headphone and the phone micro phone is still active to make the communication happen. I tried this with Blade, but when head phone is plugged in, the phone microphone automatically gets disabled and hence my voice doesnot reach the other person. Is there a way to get this working?? I hope if samsung has then should be possible with blade as well..? Your thoughts please...
  6. I dont over clock cpu. Max speed is 604 the default one... Still this phenomenon happens...
  7. I have been using this rom for quite some days now, I was working all fine since yesterday i have started getting some auto reboots. one point that i noted is when i install an app from market and try to open it from the market page itself, the app crashes and i land up at home screen, and some times there is reboot of the system. Any ideas why is this phenomenon, any body else who has faced the same? any solutions?
  8. Nice explanations . I am quite convinced with the philosophy of Konsta. So battery widget on Lock screen makes sense right? One more suggestion if we can have some integration of reject with sms in the rom. i know apps are available on market, but making it default will help all as it is a great useful feature. Whats your thought on that.
  9. Agreed that KonstaT is not interested in task killers, and other launcher are available on google play. I woluld request if you include a battery widget which shows battery status on the lock screen. which is a good tool and i found it useful . Also i shared a suggestion if Konsta would like to include other launcher in to the rom itself and replace the stock launcher. its always better to have one good launcher rather than two, which use more memory right.
  10. Thanks a ton. Your solution works like a charm.... few more suggestions 1) Can you add a battrey widget that displays battery percentage at lock screen? 2) Why dont you replace the stock launcher with a better one like ADW or Go launcher as in CM 7.0.2 3) Any ideas if we can push the stock task manager into this rom. Thanks a ton, you have really given a damn stable rom with great GB.
  11. Thanks for the reply.. i shall try your solution.
  12. Guys i have tried all to run a simple game like lane splitter on this ROM. it just crashes. I have noticed one thing that when you reboot the phone and try the game it does run for a while but later crashes. after phone is used for a while game does not even load and crashes. Guys and developer team pleas help, if this can work on stock froyo why cant it on ss ginger bread.
  13. which version of blade do you have. I have India version with 256 mb internal memory. Does that make any difference?
  14. Hey did you have some gaming experience. I tried lane splitter and it crashed badly.. any idea how to fix this up? thanks in advance
  15. Yes i have tried to overclock the CPU as well. generally i dont over clock it in normal functioning. But the crashing of games continues. The 2.2 froyo stock rom did not have this problem.

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