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  1. This is the best ROM I've tried so far Lovin this one
  2. I've repacked the 0.52 chil360 for our CM11 y300 / g510 It has the GPU over clock to 320mhz https://www.mediafire.com/folder/acfr641ad4d20/Y300_and_g510_Kernels
  3. Yes for me its just the g510 development section has trouble in tapatalk, been like it for a couple weeks or so. I find if you scroll down really slow for a bit. Then it starts to be OK.
  4. Looks like the the engine is working again on last nightly 04th sept. My favorite theme is usable again by pashapuma. Nice one
  5. Looks that way fonz Just wanted to note. I've just tried the new shangrila 3.1 theme. And the dialer don't crash on that
  6. It appears that the L nexus Theme is crashing Google+ and YouTube. Since nightlys from 22nd and 26th. Its OK on nightly from 21. Is it the cm11 theme engine I'm not sure, Also the shangrila theme is crashing the phone dialer. But g+ and YouTube works with that theme This is on a fresh factory reset install I posted a report in cm11 thread about this a few days ago. But only just found that its related to these 2 themes Is it the themes is it cm11 update. Can anyone else confirm these issues, its been driving me insane.
  7. Have you tried copying a few apk from cm11 to your ROM, ones related to call and phone, see if you can track something down that way
  8. I tried chill kernel too, first thing I thought of after no luck uninstalling and re installing YouTube, still same error, Its a strange one then that Never mind, everything works nice again on this 21st build But I used the chill 0.49 stockmem I will check the md5 if I can against my nightly zip see if corrupt or something.
  9. It appears that there maybe an issue with latest nightly 22nd, You tube app crashes and sometimes reboots so does google± I wiped, reinstalled and even flashed the latest gapps, still same, Then I went back to previous hightly from 21st, and all seems well again The kernel seems fine, it just seems the latest ROM 22nd seems to have an issue Can anyone try YouTube and G+, see if you get a reboot or force close.
  10. The one plus one lockscreen Blue When return to stock lock screen the size is wrong and lockring is off centered to the right and slightly larger than before Although its still usable But don't matter to me anyway, I'm liking the new one plus one better. I use CM11 nightly dazzozo 16th aug, on Y300 u8833 device These mods are the best, its like I've got a new phone. Loving it.
  11. What's your favorite ROM for y300 saurabh
  12. I use CM11 nightly from a few days ago, didn't have any stutter or problems using Apollo I'm using Chill 0.49 kernel, #stockmem repack dark cricket
  13. The Nexus Android L Theme is Totally sweet, one of the best I've used so far. Good work Also the lock screen, I want to try it but how do you uninstall that and go back to normal cm11 if it not my thing.
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