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  1. http://www.modaco.com/topic/360641-rom-404-ics-for-blade-with-256-mb-ram/ Try this one for ICS on Idea blade.. (Even i used this on my Idea blade) Apply the theme manager patch and omx patch .. Nd its works smooth.. Nd For JB u can go for SlimBean 4.1.2 ..
  2. U should download temple run 2 from xda.. Google for "Temple run 2 for armv6 devices".
  3. Nothing to worry! Same prob i faced on my Chinese blade.. After flashing rom if ur lockscreen doesnt appear den Flash the gapps posted by unmesh and prob will be solved.. JUST FLASH GAPPS !
  4. Tried it on my chinese blade.. Bt due to low ram it makes my blade super slow... Bt nyway thanxx for d rom .. :)
  5. Superb Rom Buddy... On my chinese blade with 256 Mb this rom works just awesomee.. Now chinese blade users can njoy taste of ICS coz of u.. Thanxxx a lottt... :) Nly bug is dat Some chinese text on lockscreen nd Notification drawer rest all is grt.. Downloading your Shendu JB rom now. :D
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