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  1. Yessss :)I CAM HALF PRESSED .... surely this is why Technolover said "Focus" and neither "Camera" (too vague) nor "Snapshoot" (wrong). I had the same issue and I was near to beleive a wrong flash of recovery could have changed the combo (which I assume we can think is a firmware/hardware feature I never read one can change).
  2. Rebirth. I had a nand backup of the stock 4.013 installation: I reflashed and ./adb pull /system/app ~/Documents/Liquid/acer Then I added AcerSyncHelper.apk and AcerSync.apk into a Gingerounay-3.0-CopyCustom.zip (/system/app folder) and reflashed. Et voilà
  3. Hi all I reached to rebuild all my phone with a working girgerounay3.0 but contacts import doesn't work to local storage. After import my fresh (from before crash) .vcf backup from the SDcard, the phone book always says "You have no contact to display". In phonebook display options I only have SIM. In "Accounts and Sync" I can only select for add account "Entreprise" (exchange I think), "FacebookEvent" and "Google" , but not "Telephone". I remember I had to install acersync from tabootools but now nothing happens (although I don't use any sync to pc synchro, because I switched to linux since a long time and acersync is Windows only). I just export contacts some times to sdcard. What to do please? [EDIT] numbering from the phone app or typing a recipient name in the SMS app, matching contacts are shown fine, which means the import worked, but the phonebook still can't see them. Thank you
  4. Please help I tryied to create a swap between my 30GB FAT32 and 2GB ext3 with gparted, when the sdcard was shared via USB. This succeeded but the fat32 partition didn't mount anymore and then the phone said I had a problem with the card (the ext3 partition seems still OK). After reboot the phone looped on the splash animation, with or without the card. Now with or without the card the combo CAM+Vol_UP+power gives the vibror vibers 2 short times and the screen shows "USB download mode". Without the card with combo CAM+Vol_down+Power I get "SD download mode" failed. I think I can restore the card (It seems I reached to recover my data with testdisk from a dd image I made after the crash) but I didn't yet wrote changes to the sdcard itself. Is it possible I restore my phone without breaking all + reinstall all? I have a folder /clockworkmod/backup/2012-06- with .img and .md5 files inside. [EDIT] hmmm the image.img md5 doesn't match with the LiquidMT 3 one from vache: maybe it is stock one.
  5. hello

    please i want to upgrade the version of my zte skake monte carlo to a higher version.

    its version now is 2.3.5

  6. Hi all My S120 is still alive. I feel I miss a swap partition but I didn't created it in the beginning. I have a 32GB sd card which is currently showing this in GParted : sdb1 fat32 label: LIQUID 27.22Gio (used 11.61 Gio - unused 15.72 Gio) flags: lba sdb2 ext3 label: sd-ext 1.91Gio (used 298.1Mio - used 1.62 Gio) no flag Can I add a swap now? How to do without breaking everything? Thank you.
  7. This link will die one month after last download: http://dl.free.fr/gTm79Jb7R
  8. Didn't try a handsfree mic. I'll try, thank you for the idea. An app to set the general input sensitivity would also allow lower volume signal to voice calls... great for live gigs :) for friends that don't even have MMS possibility.
  9. Same here. I tried with all output volume settings available: none had any influence over input sensitivity... what would have be strange.
  10. Hi Is there a way to minimize the gain for the microphone? Because there is heavy clipping in huge sound environments like rock concerts; I'd like to recover the ability to share some moments of music I had in my hold cell with remote friends. Even the Sound Recorder app is clipping a lot and generates unusable files; Thank you
  11. Just an idea as I'm very newb in all that android thing. You could try to use the "Permissions" app to dig. Maybe something related to WAKE_LOCK or VIBRATE. Again this this just an idea. For me I completly disabled the vibror with standard options (I mean "not with Permissions") and I never met your symptom.
  12. Hi I ran a big issue with gingerounay 3 ; I lost wifi (MAC address unavailable) . wifi disables after about 15 seconds after I enable. restore with TitaniumBackup pro and elder nandroidbackup didn't help; Only the first nandroidbackup from before gingerounay brought back wifi working; Acer download tool 4;0;13 didn't work at all, stating not enough 20MB internal storage although the phone said 120MB free Did anybody had this wifi issue? Thanks
  13. With gingerounay, you can use either android or acer contact/dialer (select with taboo tools). If you want to use acer contacts/dialer (for e.g. quick dial feature), i beleive you need acersync (choose with taboo tools/apps) to store contacts in the phone instead of the SIM, then create a "phone" account from contacts app options; Then you can export your cantacts, maybe import your previously exported (no advise with titaniumbackup, sorry)
  14. Hi boys I reset my LiquidMT Gingeroonay 3.0 then I lost wifi: it goes down disabled 15s after I enable it. Maybe after I restored access points with TitaniumBackup; It seem I miss a bin file in /data/misc/wifi; Although, there is here a softmac file whose cat shows the good MAC (advance wireless settings show MAC Adresse "Not available"; Is my Liquid dead? Thanks for help
  15. You have the way to do it all native in ubuntu (w/o VM) here http://sorrodje.alte...rom-sdk-android all in french but screen shots may help if you're easy enough with ubuntu. Just ask me here if there is a step for which you'd need translation. Bye
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