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  1. After one-day try, i've decided to uninstall this rom. On my Liquid A1 i've encountered too many freeze and reboot. System is very slow (CPU overclocked at 960 and 998MHz) and many apps crashes (ex.: Browser and Facebook). Keyboard doesn't show when i try to fill a form field on Facebook or on a web page. And every time i try to reboot, i need to do a wipe dalvik cache to reboot the system with success. Hope someone can tell me that i've done something wrong, but actually i think this mod is still too much "in progress" for me.
  2. Hello! I've some problems installing this Cyanogenmod for my Liquid A1. This is what i've done: - Downloaded and installed the "CWM_Recovery_salsa" - Partioned my MicroSD using Windows' "Mini Tool Partition Wizard", with a Linux Swap of 256MB, a FAT32 partition of 1024MB and the rest is an EXT2 partition. - Copied the "cm-9.0.0-RC0-Liquid-WAG-Team-salsa-Beta2", "cm9_a1_patch" and "app2sd" on the FAT32 partition - Done a wipe data/factory reset and a wipe cache partition. - Installed the CM, then without rebooting i've installed the A1 Patch and app2sd - Rebooted my device, i see only the animation with the droid. Still there since about 30 minutes. Where am i wrong? Thx EDIT: solved, i've done a wipe dalvik cache
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