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  1. We don't have a fully working 4.0 distribution; Who do you expect to port 4.4?
  2. The sites you mean are probably written in HTML5. Our phone is not one of those phones people care about and we only receive generic android support for compatible apps. HTML5 is modern web technology and adapting it do different browsers on older devices could be a pain in the ass (Even a simple HTML5 form I have recently written is a bit laggy on my Liquid MT). If you want good performance either install as many performance tweaks as you can or buy a high-end phone. Simply using CM7 does not provide performance magic. The main reason developers and end-users install CyanogenMod is because it is more tweakable than any AOSP ROM.
  3. So I wrote a tutorial here which may come in handy to some designers/mobile game developers. Check it out.
  4. You can delete a line from build.prop file (ro.telephony.ril_class=acer). This will make you able to switch operators, but there will be no internet. Sorry.
  5. The reason there are different settings for the supercharger script (and similar software; most notably the AutoKiller Memory Optimizer) is that each firmware on each phone has a balance point at which the system has enough RAM for running new applications and old ones increasing their cache and still have enough RAM left free in order everything to run smoothly. Other things greatly contribute to either high or low performance, most notably some particular background services, schedulers, CPU clock speed/governors. You should try removing bloatware and install an autorun manager, also, try changing the VM heap size.
  6. Software engineer or not, low-level programming and most of all EXPERIENCE is mandatory to us at the moment. Without the experience you can easily brick your phone or spend hours trying to solve some basic android-related problems. If you think you can help, check the last posts in the original CyanogenMod 9 topic in the device's forum; the two remaining major bugs seem to appear out of nowhere and there is no telling what are they caused by. Good luck, I will try to be as much of help as possible. PS:I recommend you to start building CyanogenMod 10 if you truly want a newer version of android.
  7. Is it just an updated version? Or there are bugfixes? More importantly, do 128k SIM cards work properly already? EDIT: Answer: NO!!!
  8. This probably indicates hardware fault, you should take out the battery for a couple of minutes, if nothing happens after that, take it to a service center.
  9. Better check battery usage (Settings > About phone > Battery use) and see what is sucking your memory. If there is nothing suspicious, wipe date and/or change cable (and make sure you use 5V for maximal charging speed).
  10. You could search for an MSM7x30 pinout to rescue your phone, I'd suggest an electroengeneer friend if you're not one yourself.
  11. Maybe a mirror for some other phone's ROMs?
  12. Still a better idea than waiting for magic
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