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    MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 (and 2 coming up)

    i like to win google play giftcard!
  2. Mediafire mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?q1t5pnpbury44ck
  3. archish

    ZTE Blade III (3) released in Nordic markets

    Orange.ch has launched it as well, locked for 99 CHF. http://shop.orange.c...i/invt/10061153 Timing seems bit late though, it should have been launched atleast 5-6 months back, single core seems real pity now for 99 CHF. Now only if we had a unlock like last time :)
  4. Switch off allow purging of assets or clear the recent app list to free memory. This will fix the graphics issue
  5. All those who are having poor battery life select use only 2g network after each reboot, there seems to be a bug in cm which resets that setting. Overall the battery life seems to be same as cm10
  6. Thanks for the update Burstlam. The WiFi not working after sleep is fixed now :) The small nagging issue is the performance governor resets to default after each reboot, I remember this issue being there in the earlier builds of cm9aokp, the latest build had this fixed, I hope this helps to find root cause. On the issue list I do notice the transition smoothness is reduced with this build. There is visible lag when I swipe between difference home screen, the animated transition are sometimes visibly slow. Lastly, minor issue, the exit to home on end call in call menu setting doesn't seem to work.
  7. All is set as mentioned by you. Only difference I notice is there is no superuser notification after reboot. This and the WiFi not working not reconnecting after sleep( keep wifi on setting: only when plugged in) are the only major issues for now. This is on clean install after wipe. Excellent rom overall.
  8. Burstlam small issue in CPU performance setting, its seems to reset to default after a shutdown or reboot.
  9. Burstlam I find the app loads and is usable faster than other CM10/CM9 builds compared to yours. Is there any specific patch which is applied for this. Can you please share the github link for the same? Thanks.
  10. Burstlam have a minor issue with wifi not connecting after the phone wakes from sleep. This issue has been there from many builds. Switch on wifi and let the phone sleep. Wake up phone and the wifi is on but its not connected to any network. Switch off and on wifi to make it work again.
  11. Excellent! Thanks for the update. This is still the smoothest ICS rom for blade I have ever used ;)
  12. +1 I don't remember if it was same with ics

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