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  1. B182 is a build of the stock OS as far as I know. Yes, after a wipe, you can install this ROM over B182 with a nodded recovery, well, as far as I know. Seems pretty obvious and logical but not everyone can be right even when the truth seems obvious
  2. That would be pretty inconvenient for people, as it would need a locked BL and the whole process can be pretty annoying and long-winded. Maybe someone kind will, but it is a lot of effort
  3. I will when I have some time q.q I'm pretty sure APN only limits 3G and MMS, not SMS and calls, but I could be wrong.
  4. Does anyone have any idea why I can't receive texts or calls with this ROM? q.q I just don't receive them at all, and it works fine on other ROMS.
  5. Um, pretty sure its power + vol- for recovery. Also recovery doesn't go in /system/bin AFAIK. Did you actually read any existing tutorials on how to install it?
  6. Don't recommend using CWM for anything but CM10.2, as CWM is made specifically to work on CM10.2 and you will encounter the ext4 bug if you use it to flash anything that it wasn't made to flash.
  7. It's not my app, I can't get the APK. Try googling the name of the app, see if you get like an XDA thread or something.
  8. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AJ.theme.kitkat Have fun
  9. I purchased it from 24studio.co.uk, and I really can't be arsed acting upon this. Just watching it on its deathbed xD
  10. I bought it in February, and the company I ordered it from only give a 6 month warrenty, and they refused a replacement
  11. Hey, just like to say, my Crescent is dead D:. The MicroUSB slot has become very dodgy and its very hard to charge. Have to wait a few months to get a new device, maybe a G300. So unless you guys have any ideas, its goodbye from me D: (Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated)
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