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  1. Do a clean install. My phone is on smartassv2 250-650 and no batery drain issue
  2. I was having the same problem. Usualy waiting would get off the black screen and show the lockerscreen. But the wainting was sometimes realy long. So i flashed with data, factory reset, format system and all the wipes on dalvik and cache. and since then i didnt get it anymore.
  3. arround the first pages theres the s2e that konsta did for our rom. change .zip to .apk and instal it right here sir
  4. Hum... Some improvements opening G+ and Twitter. Facebook still sucks. :P Edit: OMG. Opening Maps is so much faster now. :o
  5. Go to GPS defenitions and in Source of GPS see if you got the Use Internal GPS active.
  6. you dont need. i kinda would like to have it to ear when i'm on travels
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