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  1. Are you try to change qemu.sf.lcd_density and ro.sf.lcd_density parameters in build.prop?
  2. Or zeelog can help with jenkins auto-builds: over 3 last months jenkins fails due missing makefile:
  3. Yes, you can enter CWM with wrong button combination, but you can't use it. Just rechecked it with my CWM - it boots with VolDn + Power, but volume keys not working.
  4. Harosgr Think you remember that CWM above has another button combination: CWM < VolumeDn + Power CWM >= Home + VolumeUp + Power.
  5. Nice to hear this, thanks for your efforts :). How about a stripped Gapps for this builds, will you make it?
  6. Not at all - at least twice I saw proper operator name during boot ;) Any chances to fix?
  7. No more than you, but I hope in Lalit ;) Experimental only, stable must be there: http://jenkins.andro...rg/job/android/
  8. omegavesko Are you try latest nightly? Cannot understand why superuser won't work for me: no any request for root permission from apps, external superuser app says there is no root and can't update builtin su...
  9. OK, thanks for answer. One more off-topic question: last month recovery builds on jenkins seems to be unuseable due to exceeds Skate's recovery partition size. Is it really so?
  10. Yesterday Jenkins has made at least 3 successful experimental builds of CM10.2: http://jenkins.androidarmv6.org/job/android-experimental/ , so we can believe into stable 4.3 for our Skates ;) So, I will ask Tilal as a one of major ROM developers: 1. Which TPT shall be used for this builds? 2. Current state of project (stability, broken functionality) and chances to fix (if any) into further builds? 3. Int2ext compatibility? Project was moved into jenkins stable project branch. Correct link is: http://jenkins.androidarmv6.org/job/android/
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