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  1. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    ..and now 8 months later (and unfortunately out of warranty) issues came back again..and it's the exact same issue..which makes you think Jiayu really has problems with its materials used or I am just extremely unlucky.. So for you guys that may be wondering: No, I'm never going to get any Jiayu product any more. Period!
  2. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    alright..here's what's up: sent it back to merimobiles and it took at least two months to get there since you can only use regular registered mail as you can't use DHL option since China customs will hold your package and charge merimobiles a huge sum to claim..the they sent it back to Jiayu factory, which took around 2 weeks..when merimobiles got it back from factory, they send it back to you; all in all took 3 months! good thing was Jiayu sent me a new phone instead of just the digitizer replacement ( but somehow wished they sent me the G3s variant for all the hassle)..
  3. boofman@samdroid.net

    More Problems! Help!

    try and see if you have unresponsive areas..you can download an app off the Play store or use the one in Developer Options..
  4. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    right..seems like the only thing left to do after all software-side factors have been negated..once I do, I'll let you guys know how the RMA goes..
  5. well to be fair to Jiayu, some issues may have been self-inflicted, but from what I've seen on the other forums, they've had a lot of issues even since the G2 days.. please try to roll back to your backup..format everything first so you won't have any "leftovers" from your previous ROMs..and please let us know how this goes..
  6. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    UPDATE: Now there's another half-inch unresponsive area just a few lines above the original one. The phone just sat on my table, and when I unlocked it, I noticed a new unresponsive area. The phone's just degrading each day.
  7. wow! seems like there's an issue with the parts Jiayu's been using..their phones are degrading a few months into use..
  8. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    Just to show you guys an example, it's kind of like this one, but mine's horizontal: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zIuDN8A2rGs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Will update you guys on how this goes, how Merimobiles deals with this issue and their RMA Procedures.
  9. boofman@samdroid.net

    Jiayu g3 problems

    Now all of a sudden, I have about a half-inch horizontal area about 3/4 down my screen that doesn't respond to touch. I have tried to use the Android Dev Mode to show where touches are detected, and verified that there is no touch registered in that area. What happened was I've had a friend with a faulty SD Card, and he tried it on my phone to see if it works and it's not his phone's SD Slot at fault. The process took us a few Boot-Poweroff sequence, and in the last one it's where I noticed that area was not responding to touch any longer. (This could not have been the reason - or, it's the bootup - poweroff sequence was the one that did the damage, but not quite sure) I was on Lolfisch v1.0 at the time. Tried rolling back to stock ICS using SP Flash Tool, formatted my own MicroSD Card, still nothing. It's at this point I'm considering doing an RMA with Merimobiles, so I've contacted them about it. The rep told me to email the Tech Support, and of course I did. They said they'd honor the one year warranty they have if it's indeed hardware issue, as they are still in process of looking for an update that can possibly fix that issue (I doubt there is any update, since my Stock ROM is the last and only Official ROM Jiayu released for the G3N) I got my phone last April - so two months into use and I got this damage. Anybody else got this issue? Maybe it's a one-off? Just to let you know, I have a Jiayu G3N (S501 Chip) and now running on stock in preparation for the RMA. Details of my Stock ROM: Baseband: Maui.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V5.2012/07/2 20:13 Kernel : 3.0.13 [email protected] #1 SMP Preemt Sat Feb 23 07:13:56 CST 2013 Build : G3N 20130223-071508
  10. I doubt they'll release a full stable version since there's no reason for them to spend RnD on a product they no longer sell..one thing that could possibly happen (and smartest thing to do) is they will release all sources and let the dev community take care of the rest..
  11. silly me..of course it came with MIUI - it's Xiaomi! I've must have been too sleepy to get the facts straight..lol anyways I agree that Jiayu may have cut corners to keep the pricing competitive but still attractive spec-wise..with the Nexus Devices going mainstream, I don't see how the Chinese brands are going to compete, unless they embrace the dev community like what Xiaomi does..
  12. congrats on the new phone! so it came with MIUI out of the box? which version? and is everything working?

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