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  1. Probably it has more German than Portuguese translation. In worst case you will get the same features i have in Portuguese in German and all the other in English! When you install the ROM set the language to German! If it gets lots of artefacts characters just change language to English and then to German so you get the most of the ROM at least in English :P I feel confused by my own explanation... hope you got the idea ^_^
  2. Just instaled, changed language to English and then to Portuguese and at least i don't get much artefact characters anymore, just in the task manager and on the message about the kill all button. All the others that were in Russian are now in English! :P
  3. As fast panel i mean the notification pulldown with all the settings widgets It is Multilang but maybe the russian characters where there because i set directly from russian to portuguese, and probably there isn't full portuguese translation. I will definitly going to try to set english first and then to portuguese later, this ROM is worth it! BTW is there any way i don't let the brightness control reach the 0 value? Accidently done it and lost touch, restarted and got stuck on boot :x
  4. Those are 2 diferent ROM's from 2 diferent devs... just both are MIUI!! Personally i'm using the other one because i had trouble after installing a game in this one. But i loved the fact that this has full translation to Portuguese! A mix of both would be like heaven x) Nice work!!
  5. I was using the [ROM][PORT][CM7] MIUI V5 LOOK, SMOOTH, STABLE FOR DAILY USE! but installed Cut the Rope and the launcher just started force closing... So, i instaled this one and i really like it, i don't get as much lag on settings and i prefer the overall look off the rom! There is only one thing... the russian language :x my fast panel has some options in russian, in recent apps aswell and so on... is there any way you, or maybe i, can fix it? Well ... thanks anyway, regardless those russian characters the ROM is really nice! :)
  6. Hey there andr0idbeliev3r, why don't you make a "beta" version for those that don't use tether and also so we can look for other bugs? That would be great!! ;) either way, thank you for keeping this device alive. And this is to all the blade dev's. I love the fact that this device is "so low" (and "old") and still has development!! Good job!!
  7. guys, are you having any kind of trouble with S2E? After installing and adjusting setting i can't install anything... getting the insufficient memory error :x
  8. I came from konstakang cm10.1 to this one in order to get the fm radio... although i'm having a realy awkward bug.... the popup messages, like the wifi popup asking the password, dont show up correctly. It shows up only in the status bar completly deformed! Wiping everything and trying again xD
  9. Sanek, could you make a update with a later release with project butter working? It made my blade a lot faster!
  10. "If anyone's gonna take that bitch down, it's gonna be me!"

  11. “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

  12. "i could really use some luck right now!"

  13. Same here... just one thing... i can see videos on youtube app altough if i try to see them on the browser it just dont works... Is it suposed to be like that? (i made the update, is it needed to make a full wipe install?) Cheerz
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