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  1. nope :( lost it. but you could compile the source code to get it
  2. maybe its your wireless thats causing it ? asi dont have that issue.
  3. if i recall the default text in system / about phone shows a default value from build.prop can you tell us how you changed the ram ? as i maybe think maybe system need patch i dunno for sure how its done
  4. Reflash Stock acer_update.zip or stock acer rom ( these contains baseband) also do note that there are differences between acer stock roms as we have something like ww_gen1 and owrgrod or someething in that way that will reflash ur baseband. then carefully reflash the rom you wanted. and take time. relax read it and such
  5. So if possible if anyone tried these last 2 versions. please type a small review/ thing thanks :)
  6. You need the Kernel source of our device ?? because this will be the link of kernel source of our device for 4.1.2 jellybean http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Document/App.%20Guide/App.%20Guide_Acer_1.0_A_A.zip?acerid=635016934120267880&Step1=SMARTPHONE&Step2=CLOUDMOBILE&Step3=S500&OS=ALL&LC=en&BC=ACER&SC=PA_6 or search here http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers
  7. CM10.1+ plans have none! i quitted that stuff. i wanted to try and do some stuff on cm10 but not much time and not much knowledge further yet. all my 6 months of attempts on cm10.1+ cm11 have been pointless. so i dont attempt anymore.
  8. test build: http://d-h.st/vHl0 Fully untested! might bootloop. somehow i think i t didnt copy my vendor prebuilts properly.
  9. nope. the modaco page added an space... remove it and it works http://d-h.st/gLBH
  10. As 2015 has just now passed. I once again tried to make a new build with small changes. I only booted it and tried nothing else. ( time issue ) So yeah i tried some stuff for gps as i currently use default gps values/compile. and some disabling of useless overlay etc. The kernel inside is same as cm10_v7 Here is latest CM10 build: http://d-h.st/gLBH try it and say some stuff :p
  11. i also have windows 8.1 what you need to do is download android SDK USB Drivers ( Google USB Drivers ) next put phone in bootloader thing connect usb if correct in device management devmgt.msc or such you will see an unknown device let it load the winusb.inf from the google usb driver and choose adb fastboot one then it will work done it yesterday
  12. You did nothing to break it ?? when unprotected in you're pocket the device can be big enough to break when you bent or something as the device isnt that small either. there are several more factors but it will only break if an external factor has been done/given. so it might be you're fault for possible putting it in ur pocket unprotected
  13. u need to add the -waymbe-uniantialized tag in the build flasg of makefile. check some gits of kernel that use the linaro toolchain aswell. i am sorry for bad typing but i am in phone.
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