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  1. Here is another link with multiup: http://www.multiup.o...erounay_3.0.zip and the update to 3.01: http://www.multiup.org/fichiers/download/13de0115963b5855039a03b2707b0178_Gingeroonay_3.0.1_update.zip
  2. sms work now. i do a fresh install of acer original rom and then i install this rom and everything work.
  3. still the same error even with messaging app from 3.0
  4. ok i try to do that. thanks for your very fast reply :) the name of .apk is mms.apk ? right ?
  5. this rom is very fast and for me it is the best rom i've try. i've just 1 bug, error 38 when i try to send an sms. someone have the same error ?
  6. and work with simple app2sd on ext3/4 ? i ask because i have many many app on my phone.
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