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  1. I was about to go that way man but was horrified about the post consequences so I restrained from buying this device in India... :-( Custom ROM support is a big hanging question !!!
  2. Congratulations man Iam also looking forward to get this device, but in India the Scorpion S3 edition is being sold, and if buy that I dont expect I will be getting any custom ROM support, so my decision is still hanging....please if you could suggest me of any worthy device of the One S price range, I will be very thankful. Cheers..... :-) . by the way I am also a ZTE Blade user :-P ......brother !
  3. Sir if u would be kind enough to give the steps to change the language to english as the whole OS is chinese after i flashed...!!! need a bit HELP here!
  4. Man it still stutters a lot ........ i mean the framerates of the UI. I was wondering if you could just edit the theme with the default black backgrounds if possible ?? The backgrounds are cool but it makes this laggy, the icons and other elements are super awesome !! Edit : If you don't want to make one, atleast give me an idea of how to edit themes. It cud definitely end my search, I only found how to make it from scratch not editing a pre-made theme.
  5. angrej sab vigyaani apne mobiles me dub gaye hain, wo kahaan bachhon ki baat me aayein...... but cyanscape mera lag kahe karta hai? Deep tumne v6 supercharger use kiya kya ??
  6. I used Busybox installer from Jrummy Apps. and Busybox by Stephen from Playstore. I feel something is wrong in my root access but this also happened in the stable CM 7.2 of 15th June. Is it an issue of the Chinese blade ??
  7. Thanx for the support bro. I sense my friends r getting jealous due to this UI in a budget Blade .....:D Specially wen i say.....Sorry it ain't supporting your mobile ..... :P
  8. ya... su allowed i double checked, plus SolidExplorer said once that 'it seems busybox is not installed wich is needed for root explorer to work'- sumthing like this wen i was opening the cache folder in system root...
  9. Thanx man, i'll keep an eye for xperia p.... ^_^ Strange naming process of sony :-P
  10. Thanx for the response..... ^_^, BTW I'm using Chinese Blade {Idea Blade} with 256 MB ram and it lags a bit..... :blush: ....any solution ?? I tried to install busybox using busybox installer from market [to use v6 supercharger] but it says this -- Error: exec: busybox: permission denied !
  11. Yaar Cyanscape lag karta hai tumhara ?? Mai download kar raha hoon.........I wud appreciate some feedback...... :)
  12. Thank you very much !! :) +1, its nice you r using the stock ICS cuz can u tell me the apprx. ram consumption of ICS ?? I would appreciate the info ^_^....
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