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  1. Hi all, I also have had the crashing when connecting charger and unable to scan QR codes
  2. Possibly a stupid response but.... if you can still download apps under 2mb, sounds like your cache partition is only 2mb... check your partition sizes. I recommend the ICS TPT Option 4 from Amorhpeus, think its linked in OP.
  3. Raw is real time, filtered uses the settings you provide to stop flicker. You can change the window length, or just turn off the filter all together then changes should be real time. Personally I have a 20s window length with a 600lux reset threshold, so there's no flicker but if I suddenly go into a very differently lit area it ignores the filter and resets to the new light levels. Hope that helps, not sure I've explained very well!
  4. Have you tried changing the settings for the light sensor filter? If you have a long moving average time then you won't get an instant change in brightness.
  5. Thanks for that, I shall give it a go. The only other thing it seems to have affected is Latitude. Oh, and the ability to seta status in Talk.
  6. As usual, fine work :) some of the conversation is getting a bit outside of my technical understanding but I know that this is now a reliable and functional ROM and just continues to get better. Just a quick note: seems to constantly come up with 'Encountered an error' when trying to use cloud based document editor on GDrive. Not sure if its a ROM thing or if its something to do with Google suspending my G+ profile as they don't think my real name is a real name! Any clues dudes?
  7. RedZombie

    System apps

    Awesome, thanks for that psycho. I was going to give the Fix Permissions a go in ROM Manager but heard bad things about it
  8. Hey all, possibly another stupid question.... I have deleted a number of system apps I never use, like live wallpapers, news and weather, movie maker etc and used some of the freed up space for apps such as SMS Backup, ad free and others. I have found though that some apks won't function when installed to /system, for example QuickPic. Any clues why or if I am doing something wrong? Thanks :-)
  9. @Ninja Dude nothing but good input, you're more than welcome :) what's the project you're working on btw??
  10. @Daz Thanks so much for your work dude, really impressed by what you're doing :)
  11. Are you charging at the same time? Mine gets too hot to touch if I do anything at all whilst charging, oddly especially if on Words with Friends
  12. How I wish I understood what was happening! :P Will have to spend some time learning I feel...
  13. Right, wiped and formatted and cleared and disinfected everything I could find to do so! Will wait for tonight's build and start fresh!

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