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  1. random fact: I'm compiling cm9 for my ZTE Blade as I type this:P
  2. I don't think its possible for an app to have two icons for the same shortcut. Even if you did manage to use some kind of root magic, each change would need the launcher to redraw/restart itself, which isn't very practical. I think GO dev may do an unread widget, though it may only work with certain launchers/messaging apps
  3. Pretty disgusted with @miuiandroid 's attitude. Regardless of the situation and the guilty party, he shouldn't be acting like such a brat.

  4. I want one of these sooo much! http://t.co/Bv2jaDyU

  5. Didn't bring a key, so I can't go home:/

  6. leather in app = no!

  7. I misread #replacefilmtitleswithtwat as replacefilmtitleswithonedirection easy mistake to make.

  8. #ThingsIGetAlot "you're how old?!" having a beard makes me look about 20
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