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  1. The symptom is, each time I switch on my tablet, I receive a notification in lower right corner promoting something like lucky draw, game, etc. If I click on the notification, it automatically starts downloading apk. The apk is always named like yyyymmddxxxxxxxxxxx.apk. I never run those apks, I guess they are not friendly. How can I check which app I installed is doing this?
  2. Thank you, you are very helpful. Let me try it again. Probably I will erase everything on SD card, use minitool to re-partition and re-format all partitions, then re-install beta2. Let me what happens.
  3. Indeed I recreated the FAT32 partition. In fact I didn't know the FAT32 partition didn't take the whole space, it wa only 1.x GB (asides ext3 1GB and swap 128MB), while there was 1GB unallocated space before it. So I deleted the FAT32 partition and created a new one, taking all spaces, so it is now 2.x GB. Then I formatted it. But, CM still cannot see it.
  4. Well, I started in MW and connected to PC as massive storage (selected SD Card), then used Mini Tools to format the FAT32 partition. Then I disconnected from PC and started cm beta 2. However it still says SD card damaged.
  5. yes it works in WM. For sure it must work, as CM beta2 itself is on it!
  6. I installed cm beta 2 on my I8000 (SD card) but when checking my storage in settings, it says my SD card is destroyed. If I start camera it complains I have no SD card installed. And for internal storage, it says I only have 0.94GB in total, while actually I should have 8GB. What is wrong?The SD card is 4GB, I have 1024MB ext4 and 128MB swap, as cm beta2 requires. Other space is FAT32.
  7. Yes I understood correctly but expressed unclearly. So I will try to set my router to channel 1. Currently it's 11 I think. Buy why so?
  8. What is channel router? You mean the Wifi (I use 802.11G) channel? Thanks.
  9. I tried both but no success. This is very odd because it finds as many APs as my other devices do (although I cannot connect to them as they are not mine), EXCEPT my own. What's the difference between my own AP and others? I can only think of one, that for my own AP, my I8000 (the same device that I installed cm beta 2) has connected to it when running on Windows Mobile. But I think the new installed cm beta 2 should have no idea that its WM neighbor has connected to that!
  10. I installed CM beta 2 yesterday on my I8000. It works but there is something very weird to me. When I enable WiFi and search for hot spots, it finds many nearby APs but not my own! I have been using my Wifi AP for many years and all my other devices including Nokia phone, desktop PC (Windows), iPad, Samsung tablet, or this I8000 when running Windows mobile 6.5, can find it! This is so strange to me. I tried disabing security (WPA2 change to WEP, or even none) but no use. Any clue?
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