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  1. Is anyone else having problems with the Google Search box on the home screen? Whenever I start it up I get nothing and it FCs -Ninjeh.
  2. What should I do? I have my Windows fixed again, and my Ubuntu is finally working flawlessly. -Ninjeh.
  3. I know this might be a big ask but, If and when I get Linux and my wireless card to work together, would someone be able to teach me to use, Kitchen, is it? -Ninjeh.
  4. I don't personally have Linux, but my dad does and he used something called 'Wine' I think it was, to run Windows programs on Linux -Ninjeh.
  5. Oh okie :) Good Thanks for the help, and I hope to be more active around here from now on :D -Ninjeh.
  6. So that's what they are... Aww dang! Does this mean my PC won't be able to play them either? -Ninjeh.
  7. If that's the problem then you could also turn off the signature requirement in CWM -Ninjeh.
  8. I have another issue, whether it's just my phone, or anyone else I'm not sure Whenever I record a video with the video camera, I can't play it on my phone, and I'm not sure about my PC I've tried stock, ES, Mobo, MX, RockPlayer, RealPlayer and a few others with no result :( Any ideas? -Ninjeh.
  9. Please :) And thanks for the help guys, might have to give it a try :) Is there any way to manually change the partition sizes? -Ninjeh.
  10. Hey guys, I've been busy for a while, and plus I'm in Turkey for 10 days on holiday :D I'm only on R9 but when I get home on Wednesday, the first thing I plan to do is update to R11a but I'm confused about the 220mb system partition, because mine is only 200, because it's the TPT that was in the OP a while back Someone help, please? :s -Ninjeh.
  11. Hey Daz, can you post the hacked services.jar? Rather than teach us how to do it? -Ninjeh.
  12. Hey Daz, when you're not busy, can you tech us how to do this? Or release a build of this? It's so awesome I really wanna know how to do it :P How do you figure things like this out anyways? xD Pure awesomeness? ;) -Ninjeh.
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