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  1. There is a library file that maintains comparability with most apps on the Play Store. The number that don't actually work is quite low. My San Diego has the same chip as the RAZR I but slower and runs most apps perfectly
  2. utternoob

    Wifi buggy

    Go into advanced settings and find the option that says "Keep WiFi on during sleep" change it to "Always"
  3. utternoob

    Google keyboard and calendar question

    No, they don't replace, and keyboard uses a mix of inbuilt and system dictionary words I think, but don't quote me on that
  4. utternoob

    Can't install 58mb update after unroot!

    Plug into PC after entering fastboot, open AIO tool, choose fastboot command prompt then type erase /system and once it's done, exit fastboot command prompt and fix brick
  5. utternoob

    Can't install 58mb update after unroot!

    Should do, but be close to a PC if it goes wrong so you can erase system then flash through fastboot
  6. utternoob

    Can't install 58mb update after unroot!

    Push it to the phone somehow, either using root explorer or aio tool
  7. utternoob

    58 mb update

    Not likely, as any fixes would be added into JB rather than released for ICS
  8. utternoob

    58 mb update

    I wasn't rooted to start with, but I wouldn't risk it
  9. utternoob

    58 mb update

    I have a 35mb one on Xolo, downloading now. Feedback soon Movies and books are installed, keyboard seems better and so does dictionary. Baseband and kernel have changed too
  10. utternoob

    Battery requencies?

    No, not without a custom kernel, which we can't have unless the bootloader is unlocked by Intel themselves
  11. utternoob

    What's the "best" Gingerbread ROM?

    H3 Blues without a shadow of a doubt. Works so well it surprises me that it's based on the Orange UK rom
  12. utternoob

    taking screenshots

    Power and volume down
  13. utternoob

    [APP] TPT Helper

    You only ever get two matches. The ones you list sound about right, I haven't used it for ages, but from past experience I'd flash it
  14. Have you tried using a hair dryer or putting it on a radiator? That might help too
  15. utternoob

    HELP my ZTE skate can't boot

    That's why it doesn't work. What's the model number?
  16. utternoob

    PLEASE HELP XOLO X900! Big Trouble!

    How did you do so? I tried but all I got was a receipt sent in the post to have it repaired
  17. That's excellent. How good is it to use?
  18. utternoob

    Where to begin?

    Hi all Installed Xolo the other day and then the 37mb update. Tried to go back to stock Xolo to root and install the Orange ROM, but I first tried the downgrade option, and now Fast boot doesn't recognise the phone, so flashing something is out, even though I can use Fix Brick option to install Xolo. It then makes lots of colours on the screen, not booting up with images. Xolo logo is there, will Orange take it to send off or not, because I can't work out a way to fix it
  19. utternoob

    Where to begin?

    Thanks, I'm sending it off when I get a copy of my receipt
  20. utternoob

    Where to begin?

    All I know is that I get some funny colours and that's about it, it takes updates but never boots properly, will let me flash and erase through fastboot, but not much else I think
  21. utternoob

    Where to begin?

    I have tried to erase /system but Fastboot says no device, as does adb and I can't tell when I'm in certain modes because all the screen does is stay one colour. The only clear thing is the Xolo splash screen Edit: It doesn't like it, all it shows is error: device not found then gives the fastboot command lists and then resets. I'll try but not sure what's gonna happen, can't find the receipt
  22. utternoob

    Mobile Update

    They want it to be a surprise for us
  23. utternoob

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Looks to me like it has been blocked by the updates that have been pushed out. Did you install any?

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