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  1. nikogh

    flightmode switches on and off automatically

    Ok, I installed everything again, starting from the beginning with ACER Download Tool and Acer 4.002.14. A1 Froyo bin. Now [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c ROM is working fine again. Hopefully the strange behaviour is gone. Thank You for your help!
  2. nikogh

    flightmode switches on and off automatically

    Thought the problem was gone after deactivation of WiFi, now I can register in the network and use the phone. But after wiping battery stats and some reboots some apps lost their data and "The app has stopped unexpectedly." messages occure with a lot of them :( OK, all from the beginning...
  3. nikogh

    flightmode switches on and off automatically

    I removed the SIM Card an rebooted, now the auto switching of airplane mode disappeared, but of course I have still no service :( And when I replace the SIM the same error occours :(
  4. My ACER A1 liquid, 256MB shows strange behaviour: The flight mode is switching on and off automatically (approx. every 5 seconds), totally on its own. :huh: The message "no service" appears and disappears and appears and disappears... In the network settings the checkbox for flight mode is switching on and off also every 5 seconds. This occured first time in December with Ainillia 7.2 final v2 ROM, after one year of use. I decided to install a new ROM and used Master_T's 7.2 Remix v4c. This ROM was running great for 4 weeks now, but today the strange problem with flightmode returned :angry: I already tried to reduce overclocking to default values and I recalibrated the battery. Of course I tried to activate and deactivate flightmode manually, but nothing helped. SIM Card is working fine, PIN is accepted and the SIM Card icon disappears some seconds after reboot and login. I tried the card in another phone also. I do not want ro do a factory reset, because I want to keep my current settings. Any help appreciated!
  5. nikogh

    [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Best ROM ever! thank You very much!
  6. nikogh

    [CM7.2Final/Improved] For Liquid A1/Liquid E

    I hat issues with channel 13 wifi. I had to activate the channel 13 by changing the wifi settings / advanced settings / domain to "14 channels". Channel 13 wifi was working then. Certainly this setting is not permanent. After reboot you have to change it again. :( Hopefulla Master_T and diljeet will put the latest fixes for ainillia together. It would be perfect if they are able to put it V3, and a usual Update by goomanager become possible?
  7. nikogh

    What ROM are you happily running :D ?

    I am working with Anillia V2, it works fine, but not perfect. It would be great if there would be a near "final". I don't believe the CM9 things will reach this level. +1 Which fixes did you apply Master_T?

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