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  1. They increase the microphone volume!
  2. I found this a couple days ago... Have you ever tried this? - Install the Mobileuncle MTK Tools - Go to Engineer Mode (MTK) - Go to Audio->Normal Mode->Type->Mic->Level - Configure the 6 levels according to this: - Level 0 to 255 - Level 1 to 235 - Level 2 to 215 - Level 3 to 205 - Level 4 to 195 - Level 5 to 185 - Level 6 to 175 If you change this configurations then post you feedback.
  3. I have a Jiayu G3S and a Mms.apk that doesn't work properly when sending SMS to a none Android Phone (Square characters are displayed, instead of the real characters, when special characters are used, such as "é ã á" etc) So I have tried more than 30 "mms.apk" (at least) that I've found on the Internet including the ones in xda forum and also from different ROMs. From my "research" and "experiment" I got 2 Mms.apk that almost work... "Mms_conv_to_unicode.apk" -> Automatically convert the message to unicode and I don't want that. I just want to bypass the square problem. -> MMS works properly "Mms_fc_on_mms.apk" -> SMS is sent correctly and with all the correct accents and simbols. -> MMS doesn't work, and the application is Force Closed I have decompiled, compare them, and I have tried to make them functional, but I think I don't have enough knowledge to do it. If someone can help me fix one of them, I really appreciate it! I can pay to the one who solves me the problem... Send me PM to deal a price.
  4. I need to "awake up" this post... :P I wanna buy the G3s, however no one have made a comparison about the camera. I'm undecided to buy it, because I saw the Cubot GT99 that has a good camera, but about Jiayu I can only find samples of the G3 and not from G3s. Can please someone confirm if the cameras are the same? Or if there is an improvement of picture quality? Thank you :)
  5. Try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.felipearon.marketfix
  6. jventura since we are talking about updates, you can also make an update to the ROM, if it's possible. At least update the CM9 repositories. More than two months have passed since the last update...
  7. "fstab" can be found here: /etc/vold.fstab However I don't know what you want to edit there. It's just for mouting partitions...
  8. Try wipe dalvik cache and see if it works ;) If not, try to reinstall the ROM!
  9. Not here! Internet browser works just fine... Try a different one. For example Dolphin Browser!
  10. That's the reason why I changed back to CM9... You can use Greenify to clear the RAM consumption, however the free memory will not be too much. CM9 on my phone right now has 203Mb free :D
  11. Is it possible to remove these "rings effect" without applying the "dithering" on performance menu? Artefacts likes these can be observed when opening facebook app for instance! I think all of you will get this "rings effect" too... The thing is that it doesn't happen on CM 10.1 and other ROMs I've tested, and I don't like the "description" of the "dithering" (improves image quality on some displays at the COST OF PERFORMANCE). Example:
  12. I wiped cache and dalvik cache, and then flashed. Everything works fine :)
  13. What this means? "backport low memory killer from 3.4 kernel" What kind of improvements should be expected? Thanks...
  14. Yeah bluetooth is tricky, and sometimes is frustrating! Any tips to get always to work?
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