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  1. xperia sola xD 299 xperia u 199 xperia p 399 xperia go 159 xperia l( 4.0 dual core price 120 € only market chinese for now)
  2. poor modding ? it already has a custom rom and a modified kernel
  3. Processor Dual core 1 Ghz Display TFT Bravia 3.5 Gpu mali 400 the same as gs3 Xloud I recommend this phone is really great in the summer and will have ics official 199 €
  4. Cool xD wipe data wipe cache and wipe dalvic cache and reflash the rom
  5. Next week I reluctantly sell my acer xperia liquid metal to move to xperia u before leaving the forum I feel a duty to thank and Lens Flare Davidnavil SuperAndrex pinguy and I want to thank everyone who helped me in developing my rom version MIUI performance with 1500 downoad thanks everithing
  6. CM9 here to request the official team cyano open a post and want to declare the official CM9 if we are many we will make a nice rom http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/51852-request-cm9-for-acer-liquid-metal/
  7. hey andrea nemus launcher I have problems with the launcher in practice has always lag when switching between screens as a fix? I only 4 widgets
  8. The problem is the data camera and the micro lag
  9. good exams lens you are the god of modding
  10. -compilare-cyanogenmod-9-a-48011/]http://www.androidworld.it/forum/guide-e-tutorial-11/[guida]-compilare-cyanogenmod-9-a-48011/
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