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  1. ukgnome


    I didn't go for the Vowney, but I did order from merimobiles.com Normally I wouldn't risk it, but Paul O has changed my mind about that. Ordered on 4th July - received 20th July Will I order again? Hell yeah!
  2. ukgnome

    lenovo A660

    I figured it out. It took a bit of research but it is now rooted and debadged. Hopefully I can go Jellybean once I find a reliable source. I am so glad I took a gamble with merrimobiles.
  3. I have just purchased a lenovo A660 and am looking for any assistance rooting and also custom roms. As modaco was gold for my skate I am hopeful someone can assist.
  4. I use Smart Tools and set the flashlight to screen - great to use for short periods (like avoiding lego bricks on a nightly loo break)
  5. Ha ha so's mine seems they did another drive by in the summer
  6. I have recently swapped back to a GB ROM from CFX Mokee is just about the best, although the Cyanogenmod 7.2 is also pretty good. Essentially C3C0 has done a dam fine job on both
  7. Afraid it's not :( each time the app reverts back to burst. Although this does not occur when you use a 3rd party app.
  8. Would I be correct that I could use the redundant USB port from my sky box? If so then this looks worth a punt.
  9. When I ordered my Nexus I was supplied with a consignment number so that I could track my order. The number they provided was incorrect, but I needed to inform TNT to deliver to a different address. I contacted Google but no one from Google was able \ willing to help, and as a result the device has since been returned. Has anyone else had an issue with Google play customer services / consignment numbers?
  10. Yeah, it's like Tilal has started back in education and has other things filling his time or something. How inconvenient! [\sarcasm]
  11. I thought the preview was broken. Turns out the camera defaulted to burst mode.
  12. Whenever the wife has had a replacement through Orange they always leave the battery and back cover with you. Batteries are classed as a consumable item and are therefore not covered by warranty in the same way as the device. Usually you don't get your own phone back, depending on the type of fault. However you will always get an A class product back if yours is beyond repair.
  13. Just wondering - now the Grand X is out and it packs a similar camera (as far as I can tell) will the final bits of non-working items be cracked for the humble Skate?
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