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  1. The current build (posted on the thread) gives me wifi errors. Anyone else experiencing? It will connect, but randomly at any point after no use will drop wifi connection. I will go to the wifi settings to see it frozen on 'turning off wifi' Only rebooting can fix this... Is anyone else experiencing it and is it fixed in the next update? :)
  2. :0 music is bugged. Basically, I downloaded music. A you do. I selected to open it in the music player (Apollo) and listen to it, it plays fine. But when I pause it, it decides it wants to continue playing. Even when the app is removed from recent apps, the notification tray is emptied of all music player things etc. It just continues playing even without the app opening! Dafuq?! Also, all the settings are fixed. Attempted a third clean install. And google is fixed as well. But the high end graphical effects are still gone.
  3. Also, why does google search keep closing? It won't open anymore :(
  4. Oh. Okay. But, I've tried doings a clean install and cannot find the high end graphics option nor soft key navigations. Were these removed?...
  5. Also, need to add. Not sure if its a faulty install but: CRT animation still doesn't work. Phone goes off, quickly flashes on then back off again. There is no option for navigation keys (that I can see, correct me if I'm wrong) There is no high end graphic option. Should be in display, isn't for some reason. Again, it could be a faulty install. Is anybody else experiencing this?..
  6. Latest update, no high end graphic options (unless I'm looking in the wrong place?..) And no other notable settings. It is definitly the 09/16 update, right?..
  7. When's this being released?... I know it was released briefly, but it's gone. Is it not ready yet?..
  8. Sense 4.0 ROM Don't care for jelly bean if this ROM can be made a reality. Well, jelly bean is still going to be the better choice, but sense 4.0 is 'Da Bomb'
  9. Oh my actual God. Go to settings, about phone, os version. Keep pressing the version, (4.1.1) and eventually, it will pop up a jelly bean screen. Press and hold the jelly bean and an interactive Screen will appear. Didn't know of this. :0
  10. Would be awesome if camera flash, camera preview, video playback and HQ ALL worked... Sadly, this day won't come due to tight lipped workers at Qualcomm not releasing sources for their drivers. Maybe a hacking is in order?..
  11. This is because of memory. I find this happens regularly with games. Close it, close all running apps and if it still happens, remove some apps from your phone. Basically, its just a lack of memory and ram...
  12. Well, I got weather and public transport to work ;P
  13. Cool :) Did notice that fading thing.. But,that was enabled even when the option was unchecked...
  14. What kind of effects does the high end graphics enable?.. I activated it on your 15/08 build, but haven't seen a difference.
  15. Just download what appears to be a new build, but not posted on here (I think I got it from your goo page) I saw a new option in display, 'enable high end graphic effects' What does this do?..
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