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  1. come'on guys no one have any hints? anything guys i will fix it but need a hint of which i am looking for
  2. guys i need your help i have u8950-1 and ported a rom we have some problems the most i need yo be fixed right now is the mic volume sound in video recording and sound recording is too low (we can barely hear it ) but in calls i think it's good enough any hints?
  3. lol man that wasn't the problem that they didn't build anything they didn't even answer anything not even wanted to help me of what is the problem is or any useful thing and i did learnt how to some things (i need only kernel building ) and anyway: i hated them because they didn't answer me even (not because i just hate them from the first) and for you being rude ( not surprised - as i expected as a reply for my comment :D)
  4. lol i messaged every developer here no one answered me i hate them all they are selfish
  5. they all work but the problem is with the kernel(right now we have only one that works wifi -even bluetooth not working) all the roms work but no wifi or bluetooth and sometimes no sound or network(but fixable)
  6. something that may be important for you in the first the sound was from the earbase not from rear speakers but later we found two files that made it from rear speakers(but bad quality - we need our DTS Sound back) the files are : from /System/Libs/Hw/ : audio.primary.msm7627a.so and audio.a2dp.default.so i think the first one was the main problem>?
  7. why isn't developers reply ????? we have got a very good JB rom from g510 That working almost every thing the Bugs: bad sound quality (since we don't have DTS Libs that working on our device for JB) no bluetooth(not working) slow notification bar (choppy when have toggles on ) and slow when remove toggles Graphic performance is too bad (we get 1100 score in Antutu ) overall score in Antutu is 6600-7500 (and it's really bad compared to g510 that is less ram and get 8500??????) Overall:seems stable for me (no restarts till now ) wifi-network works well and really much faster browsing and scrolling than ICS if any help for audio or the GPU libs or even bluetooth would be very awesome the original rom that ported from G510 is here
  8. I wish any developer could take the risk and buy this phone I can't live with the stock ics It's terrible Laggy and have many things wrong with it
  9. it looks like there is no hope since I am not a developer and none developers bought this phone yet
  10. like I didn't it just goes into a bootloop maybe because I didn't signe the zip after changing it or what ever I don't know exactly what is the wrong with the modified zip and I don't have sdk tools to test it so if you could please tell me what exactly to change like folders or files or any developer here want me to upload stock files to change it him self that would be great
  11. explain more please if you mean stock jellybean then I will tell you that we don't have one and what to do with wpa_supplicant
  12. Guys i have tested cm-10.2-20131116-UNOFFICIAL-u8825 on our device (u8950-1) it worked perfectly (didn't test every thing of curse ) network working touch screen led notifications buttons led calling and receiving calls i think almost every thing except for bluetooth and wifi and need very small opmtimizations and all would work perfectly didn't try gapps since wifi doesn't work could you guys help us or even tell me how to make wifi and bluetooth work ?
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