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  1. Going out into the city in a minute

  2. Anyone ever get a probelem installing this rom, anyway I have tried to install this rom, I get all the usual messages, finding update package, opening update package, Installing update and after a few minutes, I get a symlink error symlink: some symlinks failed E:Error in /sdcard/pa_blade2-2.99-19Nov12-073914.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. I have searched google about this and have found no solutions, does anyone on here know. This also appears to be a problem with the latest versions of Paranoid Android. Thanks
  3. For some reason, I don't know why but my settings seem to have just gone. Does anyone know these settings. Thanks.
  4. Don't start college until Thursday :) I went in today and felt like an idiot.

  5. Daz may be able to help you as he is probably the best developer on this forum. :D Good luck and I will definitely be a guinea pig for this ROM.
  6. Whoever it was that was involved in an incident with a power cable in Shotton. RIP!

  7. I'm new to Modaco and I have tried out the beta for this splendid version of Android on my San Francisco II and I have found out that every now and again, when testing out the software, the phone turns off and restarts a few minutes later when pressing the on button, don't know whether this is because I'm charging the phone using my PC and also when this happens, the usb port on my PC also malfunctions yet I plug-in other devices and the same port works as normal. Does anyone else have the same issue as this may need addressing, I'll post more on this later on.

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