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  1. Thanks for the info, hopefully a clean build should fix those issues, as per 4.2 should be done over next week or so barring any issues
  2. Unfortunately not that clever :p, will try another build at some point over the next week or so
  3. No idea, would assume so, renki provided me with the link which had the ROMs that I had lost after hotfile went down.
  4. Here is a working link http://atlas40roms.tk/pac.php
  5. That is very strange, assume you did a full wipe before installing? To be honest I need to do another build of this and hopefully that will fix it, should get the build done later on in the week
  6. The only version that doesn't have pie/halo is the job 4.12. Have got a private build of KitKat version but PAC-man team not released it for public builds yet but it should be soon. Live in England if you listen to our stupid government/press everyone from Bulgaria will be coming here....
  7. Hi you can download the ROM from this mirror that renxi kindly provided http://atlas40roms.tk/pac.php
  8. It depends, if the app is open source, in theory it should be possible to build the app into the ROM for our phones as long as there are no hardware limitations. What app from Moto X are you after? If it is the Active Display, it will be on PAC-man 4.4, they have not yet started nightlies so only private builds allowed ATM. Potentially you could alternatively include it in a self build of CM11, there is some info on xda on how to do that.
  9. Hi, sorry to bump an old thread, been trying to build pac-man 4.4 and have been getting the following error make: *** [/home/rob/android/pacman4.4/out/target/product/atlas40/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/audio.primary.msm7x27a_intermediates/AudioHardware.o] Error 1 the full gog can be found here http://pastebin.com/wXzGQK4d Have repo synced and made clobber, am using the relevant LM replacements for frameworks/av & native the qcom display&media legacy, system/core etc but keep running into this issue. Can anyone shed light as to what I am doing wrong? thanks
  10. Yes flash in cwm, when you reboot recovery it will be updated, ROM not affected, always wise to do new back up with new recovery.
  11. Hi, look at the stickied stock ROM thread on this forum and you will find the link to download the relevant firmware for your phone and instructions on how to do it. Personally I wouldn't bother as this is miles better than stock but I suppose you wouldn't know what you are missing :)
  12. We have 4.4, see Konstat's thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/367241-devrom1812-cyanogenmod-11-android-442/ ROM is working really well
  13. Kind words, but professional is stretching it lol. Am trying to get 4.4.2 on PAC-man, once they start doing nighlies.I am hopeful of getting a build out
  14. Apolgies had an install error when flashing set_meta_data_recursive: some changes failed error in zip status 7 aborted, thought it was my recovery was on TWRP just installed the latest cwm but still the same. It may not be released this evening but am getting closer. Edit this is the full error from the recovery log ApplyParsedPerms: removexattr of /system/addon.d/50-hosts.sh to 0 failed: Operation not supported on transport endpoint script aborted: set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed After a bit of searching it may have to do with the config of the kernel... my knowledge of kernels is at about zero or just below, I can see what changes should in theory (well according to a thread on XDA) should fix the problem, but I assume there was a reason why KonstaT had it set up the way he did as I belive the configs are to do with SE Linux. Will have another look tomorrow
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