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  1. No Geoneil I think the limitation is down to the fact that you don't know about Microsoft's Market Place! Mikeadams is perfectly correct that at the moment when you install an application from Microsoft's Market Place, (a task you admit to never having done) it does not give you the option of installing it on the storage card and just installs it on to the device's main memory. We all know that if you download from other sources you have the choice of installing it on the memory card. I'm sure Mikeadams knows what he is talking about.
  2. I saw mentioned in one review or other that street view was not available in Google Maps. However according to the HD2 manual I downloaded it is. Can someone check this out? Maybe choose a location in London as I'm sure you are all aware streetview is not available countrywide. The instructions manual says the following: Using Street View Street View lets you view interactive street-level images of locations in Google Maps. Notes • Street View is only available in certain regions. • The images shown in Street View are not in real-time. To view a location in Street View 1. On the Google Maps screen, press and hold the location you want to view in Street View. 2. In the menu that appears, tap Street view. Street view opens and shows the current location. If Street View is not available for the selected location, “No street view here” will appear in the menu. You can also access Street View when searching for a place of interest. For more information, see “Searching a place of interest” in this chapter. Many thanks Paul.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to know if the co-pilot software is version 7 or 8. If it's 7 can it be removed from the add remove programs section. I have version 8 already and understand there have been issues with people not being able to install version 8 on devices with version 7 on them. Many thanks, Paul.
  4. Hi Dobby, I wouldn't worry about the rom on you phone. I was with T-Mobile using a Vario 2. I had to send the device back to them twice in the 18 months I had the phone and each time it went back it had a custom rom on it. Both times they sent back another phone with their rom on it and no problems. In fact the service was fantastic, about 2 days turnaround on both occassions. Hope that helps. Paul. :lol:
  5. I just wanted to add my bit to the ongoing international charges discussion. I too have been stung by the problem and the software is now off my phone!! For the past month I have had problems installing the software on my phone, a Vario 2, with my status remaining inactive. My last bill had 29 international texts all with the numbers previously quoted by others here. 21 Mar Fri 15:05 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 15:07 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 15:07 07624806298 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 15:09 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 16:09 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 17:10 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 21 Mar Fri 18:51 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 22 Mar SAT 18:57 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 23 Mar SUN 19:03 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 24 Mar Mon 19:04 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 25 Mar Tue 19:57 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 19:14 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:00 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:02 07624806298 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:04 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:09 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:10 07624806298 Intl 0.170 1 Apr Tue 22:11 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 2 Apr Wed 00:02 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 2 Apr Wed 02:02 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 2 Apr Wed 04:36 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 3 Apr Thu 04:43 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 04:51 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 16:54 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 16:56 07624806298 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 16:58 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 18:26 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 19:27 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 4 Apr Fri 21:24 001425 2461806 Intl 0.170 I have emailed mobilepanel and await its reply. I have asked for an immediate refund via cheque. As my status remains inactive I won't probably get another cheque from them for data etc. , so that is why I want the money now. Is there any update on this Paul? I can't see how you can keep recommending this software and company if this keeps happening. I have found posts here http://www.modaco.com/content-page/250400/...-panel/page/20/ dating back to 2006 with the same problem and still no resolution. I would expect that if the company were really intent on fixing the problem then 2 years should be enough time to fix it. :D
  6. I sent my faulty mda vario II back to t-mobile with a black majik rom on it and they changed it without question. Maybe I was just lucky!
  7. Yes Mike I knew about the clear storage and did indeed try this option but it didnt clear the fault of not being able to reset with the stylus. I guess I was more wanting to still be able to get into the bootloader section still etc. Also as you said if the machine locked up it was annoying having to take the battery out. At the end of the day if something aint working like the manual says it should I consider it faulty and so back it goes. ;)
  8. Just a quick update on my problem with my Vario II not being able to do a soft or hard reset. My biggest worry was that I had installed WM6 on the phone and without being able to do a hard reset and get into the bootloader screen I couldn't replace WM6 with the backed up WM5 that was originally on the phone. Anyway, I phone customer services on the Monday morning and explained the problem to them. (I didn't mention WM6 ;) ) They said I would have to send it back for repair and so they would send me out a prepaid bag to return it to them. The bag arrived on Tuesday and I sent it off immediately. The phone arrived at the repair centre on Wed. Then I realised that the postal strike had started and so resigned myself to not getting my phone back until the next week if I was lucky. However, to my immense surprise, a brand new Vario II, arrived on my doorstep on Friday morning, sent by courier. All I can say is hats off to T-Mobile. I'm one happy bunny. It's service like this that makes you want to stick around with a company. Anyway, it seems that they don't give two hoots what operating system is on the machine (well in my case anyway;) )
  9. MMMmmm. That's what I was thinking. I wonder how they react to WM6 being on the phone :D and no way for me to get it off. Anyway thanks for your help. Paul.
  10. Hello all, I wonder if you can offer any help. When trying to reset my Vario 2 with the stylus I get no response and it keeps merrily going. I'm just thinking if I can't do a soft reset, that means that I won't be able to do a hard reset anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions? I purchased the phone from the T-mobile web site last October. If I took it into a T-mobile shop are they likely to replace it or send it away to be repaired? Many thanks, paul.
  11. I'm having a similar problem with this outfit. I have been sending data to the company since about October 2006 and I received my £15 for joining up. But I've yet to receive the £5 per month which I'm sure I'm due to get now. I've never received an email from them telling me that my device has stopped sending data etc. Anyway I done a hard reset of my MDA Vario II yesterday and reinstalled the software and today I got an email saying that the software has made contact with the server. However when I went to login today, the screen said that my email address was not in their records!!!!! How then did they manage to send me an email? Anyway I've sent a message to the support link with a copy of the email they sent, but from reading on here the other messages, I doubt if I will get a reply or my money. We will see.
  12. I don't know if this is of any help regarding the screen coming on everytime a new mp3 starts playing, but if you activate the keylock on the phone the screens backlight does not come on. I know that this isn't a full solution as having the keylock on means you can't use bluetooth headset to dial out, but it might help a bit. Paul.
  13. Since the upgrade resets the phone you have probably lost the partnership between phone and headset. Put the phone in discoverable mode, set the headset to discoverable and when asked you will have to input the password the headset came with. (If you can remember it :? ) I had to do this with the PC and my headset. Paul.
  14. Installed Mini Sportsbike and it completely reset my phone:( Needless to say, I won't be repeating the exercise :?
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