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  1. Same problem here. Not only that, it worked flawlessly before, now its choppy like a slide show and i get the message "this video is not optimized for mobile phones" on every video.
  2. It's AtomICS by H3ROS. Edit: Woops i've just found it in Wireless settings.
  3. My phone is running a rooted ROM, can anyone recommend an app?
  4. What a disapointment. Perhaps there's a slim chance vodaphone will do another G300 type great price on the Huaweil Ascend P1 launched in August. Otherwise looks like waiting for the Era. http://www.theinquir...fone-next-month
  5. No do your own research into the Marxist NWO, one world religion and one world Government. Your first post is to promote this new age theosophist agenda 21 trash. This is called spamming. One thing is for sure you won't have a Galaxy 2 when you have to pay for it with carbon credits and no physical money to buy one with LOL. Have you even googled zeitgiest and the NWO or United Nations yet? Have you even twigged why they are destroying the banking system, you have already won but you won't like the results. You did say after all "think for yourself and create your own thoughts thats all" then when i have done so based on years of research and objective reality you ask me for "facts"? please decide on your real objectives here. You can't have it both ways.It seems i can't "think for myself and create my own thoughts" if they diifer from yours without challenge from you can i after all then. Well indeed there are plenty of "facts" to dispute the zeitgeist agenda in the real world that are not subjective but are objective and observable which anyone can can research for themselves who is interested enough.
  6. What a pile of NWO Marxist and New Age one world Government propaganda. There i have thought for myself.
  7. Is it okay to flash this Rom using the TPT helper App using the 150MB partition size? option one i think, i normally flash new Roms using the ADB interface.
  8. Make sure the battery is at 100% when you wipe the battery stats and let it run down to 0% before charging again. Turn of the WIFI, 3G and GPS if your not using them. Turn the brightness down as much as possible. A combination of only a 1400 battery and "4.3 screen will mean the battery life will never be brilliant but you have to make the best of it. I am getting over 12 hours use but most of that is reading ebooks which is probaly not taking up as much battery as other Apps or using WIFI/GPS. GPS really drains the battery fast i have found if its being used by maps in the background. Go into about device and battery to see what has been uisng the juice.
  9. Does anyone have one of these? I am deciding between a Kindle Touch and a Kobo Touch. The Kobo is £30 cheaper @ 79.99 no text to voice but that does not bother me. I have calibre so conversions are not a problem and i would not really buy any books from Amazon as there enough legal free books about to keep me happy for years.
  10. If this is priced accordingly it will make things interesting over the next few months keeping in mind the Era and Mimosa X.
  11. From my understanding sometimes changing Roms can mess about with your battery calibration it may say 100% charged when infact it can take a more charge and only really be say 80% charged. Rebooting when the green light comes on, then turning off and charging again seems to force more charge into the battery, i got about another hours charge when i did this 3 times. Once its truly at 100% deleting the battery stats recalibarates the battery, have read you should do this when the battery really is @100% . see: http://androidadvice...-phone-battery/
  12. Thanks i have been running this Rom for a while now and love the Dolby sound and have got the iplayer to work well on it. I have replaced the Go Launcher with Zeam though as i like its simplicity and did not like all the Go Launcher adds. Made Zeam part of the system using Link2SD and deleted Go launcher with Titanium. Had some problems with battery life at first which was fixed by using the charge, reboot, turn of and charge again method three times then deleting the battery stats. Nice work i will keeping this Rom a while.
  13. I am going to wait to see how much the ZTE Mimosa X and Era will cost first, especially as i have only had the OMC a few weeks. Can always give to family member though when i upgrade and the OMC does all i want it to at the moment with the IPlayer and flash working on it. The competition between Huawei and ZTE for the best value for money phone can only be good thing.
  14. Maybe under $200 for the Mimosa x in the us anyway. "However, Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia's mobile business, told AllThingsDigital the Mimosa X would be priced in the sub-$200-range, without a subsidy. This makes sense, given ZTE's penchant for selling low-cost phones in China" http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/ZTE-Mimosa-X-Runs-Tegra-2-Chip-With-Android-40-706853/
  15. Me too, especially with the speaker issue.Lets see how much the zte mimosa x will cost first as this seems a far better upgrade for the Skate than the G300. I would hate to act on impulse and regret it later.
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