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  1. Pirex69

    Huawei Y300 revealed, dual core, dual sim Android 4.1

    I got one. it gives 5800 on antutu. not bad. but i´m strugling trying to install gapps.... sh..t :)
  2. Pirex69

    G300 modem!!!

    Man, you are stick to an old form of comunication between devices, forget that. I can see that your laptop as wifi, so i dont you just connect to the mobile with wifi??? it´s a very easy e you dont need cables...
  3. thks Tillaz, i´ll give it a try :)
  4. forget it Tillaz :) but thanks any way, not work. I´m going to do the hard way. restore infusion and make a carbon backup :)
  5. Tillaz, have you got a script that solves the caller Id lag? like Kyan31 as on Lightning? or its not possible? it seems that infusion B06 is still the best realiable rom out there :) eh eh eh regards
  6. Hi Tillaz And Kyan31, I know you dont like huawei all backup, but I really need to use this app on lightning, can you give some support? i´ve tried this by flashing and also by installing the apk, but it´s not there.. ideias? thks
  7. Hi Kyan31, how can I make huawei all backup work in Lightning? i´ve tried to flash the add on of infusion but it´s not there? than i´ve tried the apk and it fails? any ideia? Thks Pirex
  8. Yah :) I know. Its NOT to rush you, its just to remind :) keep the good work Kyan31 and thks Pirex
  9. Several antutu scores, always beteween 4200 and 4400
  10. Man, you should try to know better Tillaz... he is just one of the best developers around here... respect for him. Thks again Tillaz :)

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