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  1. listentochaos

    Got my Hudl 2 Update

    Phil, was your hudl2 rooted when you did the update?
  2. listentochaos

    Best DPI setting?

    If you're rooted what DPI setting do you find the best?
  3. listentochaos

    Moving apps to sd

  4. listentochaos

    How to fix touch problem(advent vega, P10, 10S)

    Ive got a problem where after installing the P10_image_20110411_v1.10.4_std_dev rom, and rebooting into recovery. Im presented with this recovery screen: Android system recovery <3e> Android system recovery utility reboot system now apply sdcard:update.zip wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition _______________________________________________________ Formatting MISC..... Now im able to highlight the options using the up/down volume keys but i cant select anything. The power button just hides all the options and the back button seems to do nothing. Has anyone else come across this or got a resolution?

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