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  1. That may be so. Doesn't change the fact that "keyboard not work" isn't very constructive feedback
  2. Same thing happened to me, had to download with my computer. Only happens with Google drive downloads though.
  3. Is anyone else getting a weird issue with the status bar showing NNNNNNNN instead of the mobile network name? I tried manually setting it to T-Mobile UK but the status bar still says Nnnnnnnn. Also tried wiping data.
  4. Sorry if it's a horribly stupid question but how could I flash mihairu's build? I hope it's not fastboot shizzle wizzle because then I'd have to pass.
  5. But what about the weekly cm10 and cm9 builds? Are those discontinued?
  6. Daz, in the next cm9 build, could you please add the hardware key remap feature from cm10?
  7. Is there any way to remap the hardware keys just like it's possible in cm10 and 10.1?
  8. Its been said before that its impossible and pointless to get Firefox os on the blade 1. The blade 3 has a port but that is an armv7 device. Its threads like this and people like you that ruin these forums.
  9. My settings app FC's if I click toolbars. Do I have to wipe to solve it? I updated from 3.51 to the newest
  10. I'm aware of that but remapping the menu button is much more comfortable and its useless anyway on 4.0+ Anyway, sorry for asking.
  11. Zeelog, could you please add the option to remap the hardware menu button to recent? Its the only thing keeping me from using this as my daily.
  12. Is there a sim card in your phone? When I first flashed this rom, I didn't have a sim card and I lagged too. Then I turned airplane mode on and it became butter smooth.
  13. Hey, I can't manually set the frequency in fm radio, am I doing something wrong? I pressed the left and right buttons but it stays on 87.5
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