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  1. They do work, but they do not function in the same way, the menu and home button function the same as the volume keys.
  2. Same here, just tried and all buttons working. Was it 5.5 that didn't work? I could try that version to :)
  3. I haven't tried v5.0.2.7 however they were certainly working with v4 :) Would you like me to try v5?
  4. I don't know if its of any help, but I was using Clockworkmod v4 and the buttons were working http://www.modaco.com/topic/348988-recovery-clockworkmod-recovery-for-zte-blade-2/ All your hard work for us Vivacity users is appreciated :)
  5. I will test it, and report back here. When i navigated to advanced -> key test the buttons still did not respond the same with rebooting to recovery from Android. Touch buttons still don't seem to be working with the Vivacity test image.
  6. Just tried this on my Vivacity, the touch buttons do not work, however pressing the top power button allows me to select an option, I cannot go back once an option is selected. It also seems like after rebooting from Clockworkmod I must do a battery pull, if I don't do this the phone stays on the boot screen.
  7. Home button doesn't seem to be working with the latest build on the Vivacity, it worked with the first build. PS Just want to say thanks for all of the wonderful roms you have bought to our phones. :)

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