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  1. I hope you're hungry, Paul. :) At £199.99 it's almost as if Motorola saw you're comment and decided to troll you. Finally, you can now order it from their UK website. http://www.motorola.co.uk/consumers/product-type-devices/Moto-360/moto360-pdp-gb.html
  2. Well if the 360 is more than £200 then it better have heart rate and blood pressure sensors otherwise it will be out of date within 3 months. I hear Josh Topolsky is rocking a 360 review unit. Come on Paul, show us your wrists. :)
  3. Interesting, I hope the Moto 360 is a similar price. £150 is my limit for something like this. The rumoured $249 price tag for the M360 seems about right but no doubt Moto will screw it up with insane price like they initially did with the Xoom.
  4. Are we about to see a new trend in Android and Windows 8 combo-transformer-book devices? Samsung have an event scheduled for June 20th in London’s Earl’s Court relating to their Ativ (Windows8) and Galaxy (Android) product ranges. Might they reveal a similiar combination of Android+Win8 into a single notebook device? Might HTC follow too? The cheap MeMO Pad HD 7 would be far more interesting if they were to announce a Windows 8.1 version at a similar low price. Microsoft seriously needs that to happen.
  5. I suspect it's most likely for psychological reasons to help prolong the battery. Many people say it's best to keep lithium-ion batteries within the 40-80% range, so perhaps the icons are encouraging that. Making it appear more full until you get below 50% so as to discourage pessimistic users from needlessly overcharging it. It's impossible to accurately know what the level truly is with Li-ion batteries. The device mostly guesses from the amount of time voltage+current has been fed into the battery versus the amount of time spent draining from it. Which is why it can be good to let it fully discharge once a month to recalibrate the counters.
  6. I suspect the Nexus 4 will be instantly sold out. Especially if Paul buys them all for Johnny Foreigner. :P There could be new flagship phones launched at CES 2013 in early January. Samsung is promising a 'massive brand reinvention' at CES (whatever that means, maybe they'll make everything look like their Tizen platform, lol) The Nexus 4 is very tempting....
  7. They need to stand out because they'll be so rare. That 1 Windows phone within every crowd needs to draw as much attention to itself for Windows 8 to succeed. It's rather cunning.
  8. Google and Amazon are basically saying "if you offer great services you can sell hardware without any profit". Whereas Apple produces great hardware, but their services aren't as good, so they have to charge a premium price tag. Where does Microsoft sit? They are charging £399 for a MS Surface RT tablet in the UK. Which means they are admitting Microsoft services suck. :)
  9. On the 29th Andy Rubin will also talk at the All Things Digital - Dive Into Mobile event in NYC. - At the 2011 event he launched Ice Cream Sandwich that same day. - At the 2010 event he demonstrated an early Honeycomb prototype. I wonder if we could see an early, early preview of Key Lime Pie this time? running on desktop PCs? and hopefully he'll be wearing Google Glasses.
  10. So I assume the new iPhone 5 will not be supporting this 4G ?
  11. All of the car insurance companies are becoming increasingly keen to collect data about our driving style. It can't be a good thing.
  12. Probably best to notify Vodafone UK about it. I suspect Huawei will only fix it if the operators are applying pressure on them.
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