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  1. I am from India and I have bricked my HTC one v. HBOOT-1.18.0000 Radio-3831.19.00.120 CID is HTC_038 where can I get the correct RUU file? any help / link appreciated. I have tried to search on xda / android forums for the whole day.Did try hTC_Asia_India_2.09.720.1 and hTC_Asia_WWE_2.22.707.2 from androidfile.org list. but those didn't work Really desperate to get my phone back to life...thanks for all your help.
  2. does anyone know if chinese android phones Jiayu / newman etc are available in bangkok? my friend is planning a trip there and I am going to ask him to bring me one if they are available in bangkok market. will save me the hassles of courier / customs. if anyone knows any shops where he can get those that would be awesome. thanks for your help.
  3. I am just wondering how do you go about making english as a default language on a chinese rom? any basic guide / steps on how to remove chinese only UI elements from it to make to good for non chinese consumption?
  4. sanek..are you planning to update this ROM with lastest cm10 build from konsta?
  5. Thanks. but when i click on the 10th tab the settings app force closes by giving an error com.android.settings has stopped. and I am not able to proceed. ( this happens for most of the settings and not this particular one. any ideas? I am doing the usual wipes etc and the ROM is installing without any issues.
  6. Thanks for a beautiful rom for blade. Is anyone else facing a bit of lag or its only me?
  7. even after gapps i get everything in chinese. can you put screenshots if possible on how to navigate the settings? when i try to change the language via settings it force closes on me in with com.android.setting FC msg. anyone else is facing the issue?
  8. very beautiful ROM. screenshot function on toggle / notification bar takes screenshot upside down for me. how do i correct that? anyone facing issues with data on this rom? wifi works fine for me but somehow GPRS / mobile data does not work inspite correct APN the E sign on notification bar
  9. great rom. very smooth. facing an issue with video playback. earlier on CM7.2 moboplayer used to work flawless for all different formats. but on this rom its not playing many of the formats. is anyone else facing this issue? what video player is working well on this rom?
  10. Jventura...how can i trim latin.ime whats a easier way to trim for someone who is not a developer ?
  11. jventura..great rom ! are you planning to come up with Eco versions for cm10 / 10.1 with better battery efficiency?
  12. Noob q for devs. Is there a way to figure out the background and hex values for the colors used in a newly installed cm 10 theme? Want to use the same values to some other configurable apps.
  13. Snap...I have already tried clearing the defaults for exdialer. But still not able to get back the default dialer. As you rightly said ..it must be there since the calling is working all right ..but I just can't seem to find it in the app drawer. Phone.apk is there in system / app folder. Can also see the it in settings / manage app. Just can't seem to find a way to start the default dialer...weird EDIT : took a nandroid backup and reinstalled the ROM on top with out any wipes. Dialer back in app drawer and works likes a charm. Thanks for all your help.
  14. I am using exdialer as my default dialer. Dialing works fine but I am not able to find original cm dialer in the launcher app drawer. although I can see the phone.apk in settings - manage apps but not able to start default dialer.. Wonder if anyone can help me to get it back into my app drawee
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