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  1. based on cm9 by lens flare then no data!
  2. >In our community there seems no kernel guru, then waiting to find one we were looking for alternative solutions for fix data.
  3. I do not know if I understand correctly: to bypass proprietary part/kernel we have to give AT commans directly to libril? how do you? You said that there are two devices that have access to at commands, we have activated the modem through usb_rmnet? How do we give orders to the other device (other rmnet)? Has any idea? Thanks again for your help and endless patience!
  4. but you said that the tests with AT commands that I was doing were useless and I stopped it ... :(
  5. ok then the test on AT commands close here Thanks again Lens
  6. AT commands ranging from pc on "acer modem" on com 11 (on my pc), I have no other modem on the PC, the modem can also be activated directly from the terminal or adb shell, so the modem can be sure on cm9 (100%) activated, the problem is that Android does not communicate with the modem
  7. Yes yes, I just try to see if AT commands you can figure out something more, unfortunately I do not know how to modify the sources With that tool java you can figure out if the modem communicates with at command, and if the syntax is right
  8. Online tool that allows you to communicate with the modem through AT commands: http://m2msupport.net/m2msupport/module-tester/ I'm doing experiments in ICS, modem connects, is assigned IP address, but Android is not networked same result in gingerbread with data switch in off we have any hope to have the data using this method? BOH! :D
  9. i tried at commands on gingerbread...dont work
  10. we can modify the framework for the system to believe that we are connected to a network and then manually activate the modem? bypassing all stages of activation
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