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  1. i suggest try vegabean rc2 without Ext4 partion . it's quiet fast and almost everything work fine also voice call
  2. I hope this picture which i made help someone who want to repair his Tab My Own Viewpad 10s
  3. some one told me test below . but i can't download them via market because it's locked in iran and it's hard to use stable VPN for download . what's your idea ? i'm still looking for something new TVman DVB Player Android DVB-T Android DVB-T ELECOM
  4. there is a few app to control and use DVB-T in market . those are not usefull ? anyway thanks for your time to answer my question
  5. hello ejtagle i want to ask you how i can attach GigaByte U7300 DVB-T tuner to new jellyVega Kernel . can you guide me how to start ? this is My DVB-T link http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Gigabyte_U7300
  6. i have problem with network search . what you think about that ? Also Sending SMS is easy but recive is a bit wierd
  7. Sorry for incoherent subject . But i think another bootscreen would be fine . I dont know with wich software i can build it if you know guide me it would be nice too have every product name and ability in boot screen
  8. ok I test 3G - ok "as same as Vegabean 2.3" Sms - ok Call in - ok Call out - ok "when dial she said my creadit is low :D " USSD - ok "better than 2.3 all code fine" IMEI - No "just 01" everything it's fine and i think it's good for now but some issue - voice call has delay to send and recive voice even in near distance . for example when i call to tablet and talk to phone my voice comes to tablet after 1~2 sec but when i talk via tablet in other side after 5~10 sec i can hear my voice. - there is some noise in call which i think it's more because of low mic quality and not for driver . so i will test it with another voice recorder and told you. - 3G just work in tablet awake mode . - Also 3G indicator need to fix. - Blutooth handsfree is totaly unusable. i have to work more and if i find anything i told you thanks for your nice job
  9. Ok , i have to unpak the rom and replace it . report it in half and hour
  10. yes . it would be great if let me help you . i really enjoy to see your job
  11. Ok i test my bluetooth handsfree "Jabra BT2045" it even dosnt work in Google Voice Search . it pair and show it's usable for phone in bluetooth setting but unfotunately no success . nd another issue is about sleeping time . when tablet sleep if i call to tablet it's says Tablet is off . is there any chanse to make EM770W like phone stay awake in GSM/EDGE "2G Network" after deep sleep ? and something strange about IMEI !! why it's always show "01" ??? as i know having True IMEI is necessary . i dont know how to compile this huawei-generic and make libhuawei.so but if u make it and give it to me i can unsquashfs system.sfs and replace it for test . i'm here if you need another tester
  12. I try with wireless bluetooth handsfree and no voice . USSD is not anable with stock dialer but with my operator widget i can dial USSD and it work . and i think mic it's dissable in voice dial and just return voice I test in viewpad 10s internal EM770W . VegaBean 2.3
  13. Hello Everyone There is jellybean official rom which support external huawei 3G dongle . please check this . maybe is that possible to use libs Download you can find other version here Also some device like "Pipu U1" have the same ability to use huawei external 3g modem in jellybean,
  14. hello i want to download A19 fw but i cant , dropbbox error " Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" please upload it in mediafire or other place . thank you . i really need to fix my tablet . My device is Viewpad 10s
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