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  1. It's been about a year since I've had my THL W200. It's a funny sort of phone, when it works great it's simply amazing, but it has some deep flaws. After a few weeks of use, the screen developed some bright spots (defective digitizer?) Next, the camera gave up (cannot connect to camera) but I successfully repaired this. However the error still happens requiring a reboot. Inconvenient but I can live with it... And now, the led notification light causes massive drain on the already pretty poor battery life. When I've got an alert blinking away, the area in the vicinity of the LED becomes very warm as if it is overheating. Last but not least, occasionally it goes into a deep sleep and cannot be woken up, requiring replacement of the battery, So although it's by the the best phone I've ever had (quad core, very fast, high res clear screen) it does have its flaws. My question is, are the Chinese makers upping their game at all and are there any cheap, high spec phones that are solid. Or are there some now some good phones on the U.K market that won't cost an arm and a leg. I really want at least an 8 meg camera, 5 inch screen and 1280+ res screen.
  2. invertedgoatie

    mmssms.db file restoration

    I have just wiped and installed a new ROM. Prior to wiping, I tried to make a backup using titanium backup of my SMS but something appears to have gone a bit wrong. Restoring was causing reboot to fail and I had to start over again. Thankfully I managed to salvage the said file which contains a whole bunch of backed up SMS messages. My question is though, how can I restore this file back? Thanks
  3. invertedgoatie

    4.2.1 Internal storage full, mystery. Help!

    Ok thanks, yes I have moved, chopped and changed everything conceivable, cache, backups, apps to SD etc but my phone is still crammed to the hilt. Is there anything else I can do, does 4.2.1 really take up that much space. I'm assuming that reserved chunk is the O.S. See
  4. Need some words of wisdom here. My rooted THL W200 has a fat I mean a huge portion of the internal memory crushed by something, no idea what. See screenshot. I'm so low on internal storage that I can barely do anything. It's crippling my phones basic functionality. Is my OS bloated or what. Is a clean install of 4.2.1 really over 500mb!!! So far I have tried wiping the dalvik cache with an app, barely freed anything. Is there anything I can do. Bare in mind that the default recovery is running and it's entirely in chinese so I have no idea how to use it and getting CWM doesn't appear to be too simple on this phone. Thanks for any help.
  5. Well, it's still a danm cheap for the price, and TBH this is the risk to be taken with these unknown brands. It's a gamble!!
  6. Yeah I guess it's the old one. I'm not sure if I'm fussed enough to send it back, it's just irritating....first showed up about 3 weeks into use. Then again it's a freaking cheap phone and I suppose and the first corners cut are in QC...buy another one and I could have another problem (DOA, etc etc)... Look at the Jiayu G3 series reports, screens completely failing after a month or few.
  7. Heads up about the THL W200. My device has developed a screen defect (Not just stuck pixels) There is a bright halo that is visible on white backgrounds. It's a light patch that is brighter than the rest of the screen.....very irritating I know. But I love the phone otherwise so I'm not 100% sure whether I should kick up a fuss about it or not on eBay. TBH, I could get ANOTHER phone with a defect, who knows.
  8. Screenshot is vol down + power button right? Didn't work...so you'll have to take my word for it. Standby time is pretty good, but with some reasonable use battery is about 6-8 hours. It's half a shame really cuz the phone is so fast and slick it makes you want to use it constantly. I'm still cycling the battery though.
  9. The more I play and fiddle with my W200 the more I hate the G300 and wondered how the hell I put up with it so long. I can't get over how good to look at, and how silky smooth it runs. This thing is what android is all about...And it looks like a £300 phone easily so no socially awkward penguin moments.... Verdict is out though that the battery life is very average indeed.
  10. Possibly....I can't seem to reproduce the problem in sound recorder though. It only seems to affect Skype and video recorder so far. It might also happen in voice calls but haven't tested that out extensively yet.
  11. Hate to be the one who bears all this bad news, but it seems there is an issue this time with the microphone. No idea if it's hardware or software related or if it only is effecting my device. I'm getting some sort of noise or interference which was first picked up by a friend on skype but I wasn't aware of it at the time. Just did some movie recording and on playback I'm really noticing it. It sounds like I'm standing next to a motorway, literally. It also alternates to sounding like I've got a hair blow dryer on right beside me. I'll check on the android dev forum and see if anyone else is getting this. Otherwise it's going back to the eBay seller which I'm really reluctant to do as it's a lovely phone otherwise :(
  12. Indeed, but I don't think I'm that bothered to make a big fuss on eBay. I could open a dispute with the seller and go back through that malarky but over a 2-3 dead pixels it seems hardly worth the hassle. I might have just fixed one of the pixels now anyway.
  13. Sh**, I've just discovered that my W200 has DEAD pixels....BUGGER. I can count three with the screen displaying black. One is just off the centre. They are white and blue a. Do you reckon I should send mine back, or am I being too fussy?
  14. Poor, as in non-applicable to the W200? I've installed prop editor but there is no /system/build.prop. Nevermind.
  15. Seems like there's some very rough edges software-wise on my THL W200. On Skype, turning on loud speaker causes some crazy interference. And the GPS seems to be terrible. There was a fix on this thread a few pages back using build.prop editor but the instructions were very poor :( Oh yes and only one of the LED's work. Looks like there are meant to be 3. I really hope MTK release the kernel so some ROM development can happen!! I get the feeling that WHL aren't going to be releasing any OTA updates....

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