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  1. Well swedisch snow 7 i guess. I would use the cm10 continuation of Konstat's work because not all the apps work on 2.3 like snapsaver casper
  2. Nice, testing right now :) Can you reupload the gapps ? its blocked.
  3. killer99

    cm7 launcher lag

    My phone is to old to run cm10 or higher I tried cm9 a few days ago but it was good without gapps but with gapps it suffers from slowdowns
  4. killer99

    cm7 launcher lag

    I tried it, the homepages are smooth but when i scroll in my apps the launcher is laggy :(
  5. I do love cm7 a lot but there is one major problem (for me): The launcher is slow like hell. Even when I install an other launcher it is still lagging. Is there a fix or a very lite launcher that works great ? Tnx
  6. Ok, thank you everyone for helping me :) I will just keep the ipad for in case I can use it.
  7. My brother has a tablet with a 1ghz single core ARMv7 An unkown gpu so i dont know....and 500 mb ram. Because he has some battery problems and the charger opening is completly f'cked up. So my question is of i can replace it or even add it (like a computer) ?? so I would have 1gig of ram and replace my 600mhz armv6 with a 1ghz armv7 (because you cant combine armv6 and armv7) Tnx
  8. killer99

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    I changed a line in build.prop : wifi.supplicant_scan_interval= 120 increased the responsiveness of the Wifi 180 increase the responsiveness of the Wifi and decrease the battery usage when using wifi 18 is normal Well this worked for me --- 40min watching youtube while snapchat is running and texting. Only lost 15-20 procent while normally 25 or more
  9. killer99

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    Yeah i know, I reuploaded is a few times but it got deleted a few days later
  10. killer99

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    http://www.modaco.com/topic/359072-micro7-2013-01-30/ Now
  11. killer99

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    That poblem is fixed =)
  12. killer99

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    There is an updateFriday Changes : faster internet speed and decreased battery usage deleted more trash so there is some internal space left also trying to remove the theme bug

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