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    Morning guys After owning a Moto G and switching to a Samsung S4 I find the Samsung software a little slow compared to the Moto. Is there a better rom for this phone rather than the one that Samsung put on this phone. Just so tempted to switch back to the new Moto G 4g phone if i cant customise this a little, probably a mistake as the Samsung should be a far better phone. Any advise please
  2. stevecross

    AIO Moto G - Bootloader Unlockable?

    Purchased fro Tesco and locked. unlocked using code off ebay then bootloader unlocked, must admit I had not noticed the space. If you have been careful that there are no spaces then I am not sure. Copy and paste will eliminate any typing errors
  3. stevecross

    AIO Moto G - Bootloader Unlockable?

    I had the same problem, for me there was a space I had not noticed when I copied and pasted the text in to the box.
  4. stevecross

    Bootloader unlockable

    I did copy the lines, unfortunately I never noticed there was a gap so once the space was deleted it worked. Thanks for your help. My phone is now rooted. Not sure what to do now it is rooted though. I am happy with Kit Kat.
  5. stevecross

    Bootloader unlockable

    Hi all, just followed the instruction to unlock my bootloader and get the message from motorola that bootloader does not qualify for unlock, am i doing something wrong or is my bootloader unable to be unlocked. Thanks Steve
  6. stevecross

    Recommend a good screen protector, please

    Thanks guys, help appreciated Steve
  7. As per title, can anyone recommend a good screen protector. the ones I have been using just scratch to easily. Thanks in advance
  8. stevecross

    Duplicated post, sorry.

    Mods, duplicated post. Could you delete please Steve
  9. stevecross

    Case cracked- Orange service

    Thanks, honestly do not believe the attitude of some stores, I shall be down there on Saturday when they are nice and busy. Was not happy about having to send a 6 week old phone for repair that took 3 weeks only to be accused of dropping it. The worse experience with shops i have encountered as regards being accused of damaging a faulty item. Lets see how they stand up when there's loads of customers in the shop when I pop in the weekend, Still no joy the manager in the shop was not interested. Orange policy is not to replace or refund. The very worst service ever. Even quoted the law and he said it made no difference.
  10. Guy having purchased my San Diago just before Christmas I noticed the case was cracking around the screen, is it called the bezel. Took it back to the orange shop for repair and after 3 weeks have been told they will not do anything and accused me of dropping it. Not happy about the phone going like this but never in my many years as a consumer have I come across such arrogance the way the guy in the shop spoke to me on the phone. What should I do next, not collected it yet. Any thoughts Steve
  11. stevecross

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Mine has cracked halfway down on the right hand side, not very impressed after around six weeks, most of that time spent in a case. Took it back to orange shop and could take 15 working days to repair. I could tell by the attitude of the sales guy I am going to have trouble, "Have you dropped it, not sure they will be able to repair this" I am wondering if it is the way you hold it when pressing the top button that is causing this, lets face it the top button is very hard to press.
  12. Hi guys, Just received my s2 and it is locked to orange, I have read through a few of the threads on here regarding but am still unsure of unlocking this phone. What is the recommended way with the least risk to bricking it Baseband is 19100PBVLPB android version is 4.04 Build number is imm76d BVLpc, any help apreciated. Hopefully can do this when I get home from work, or should I pay for the unlock code
  13. stevecross

    Anyone got Tomtom running

    Thanks, but just like tomtom, easy to use and just works. Or in this case does not
  14. stevecross

    Anyone got Tomtom running

    Has anyone managed to get Tomtom running on the San Diago, I have version 1.0 and it attempts to run but just closes. Is it the screen resolution or non support of atom processor steve
  15. stevecross

    Silicone case help

    Well that is good, 2 posts up people were saying how good it is, now its a crap case and i have ordered one. Typical

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