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  1. I'm happy using "GoLauncherEx" on my T-Mobile S3.
  2. Unlock the "Bootloader" or, Unlock the "SIM" for use with any carrier ?
  3. July 20, 2012: How to ''ROOT'' the Samsung Galaxy S III [Drivers, Root, SU, Backup, Recovery, etc] Samsung Galaxy S III (''ToolKit v.2.1'') - July 20, 2012 Developed and updated by Great Britain's Mark Skippen (''mskip''), his ''ToolKit'' -- VERSION 2.1 -- is User-Selectable for Fast, Easy, and SAFE Use with any of the following Samsung Galaxy S III models: - ''International'' (i9300) - ''AT&T'' U.S. (SGH-i747) - ''Sprint'' U.S. (SPH-L710) - ''T-Mobile'' U.S. (SGH-T999) Take a look .... COMPLETE DETAILS HERE: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1746682
  4. APP2SD will not work on the SGS3, nor will any of the other similar "app movers" in the Play Store. Don't waste a download. The only application that helped me (so that I was able to move large file folders, such as Music and Music Videos) was ASTRO FILE EXPLORER. Play Store has it in both free- and donate-versions; I went with both. Now, using ASTRO, I can at least see and utilize the external 32GB storage card on my 16GB T-Mobile S III (SGH-T999). I cannot move apps, but I can move folders/files. Give it a try if you wish; this was the best I could come up with.
  5. [QUESTION] How to use "Mobile Odin Pro v.3.0.0" on T-Mobile S3 (SGH-T999)? OK. Perhaps someone with a better working knowledge of Android applications will read this post and enlighten me. One general question; one specific question; ALL help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Here goes .... I HAVE: - The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III (model # SGH-T999), 16GB, with a 32GB external storage card, in "Marble White." - My device is rooted; one of my Play Store apps is "Mobile Odin Pro v.3.0.0" ..... and I've never used it. IN GENERAL: - How to use "Mobile Odin Pro v.3.0.0" (as opposed to my using the "regular" .... Windows OC-version). NOW .... IN PARTICULAR: - I would like to change my AOKP "unicorn" boot animation BACK TO the stock T-Mobile SGS3 animation. I DOWNLOADED THE STOCK "T999" BOOT ANIMATION: - and it has the name "boot-stock-tmobile-sgh-t999.tar" .... so I guess it's a .tar file. SO: How would YOU change to the new Boot Animation .... on this device .... and, using Mobile Odin Pro v.3.0.0. ??? THANK YOU!
  6. T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999) "User's Manual" Do you own T-Mobile's S3 (SGH-T999)? CONGRATULATIONS! Now .... thanks to "TGA_Gunnman" .... you can quickly download and keep (to read, and for reference) your device's complete and entire (369 pages) "T999 USER'S MANUAL" (.pdf)! For details, just take a look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1727031
  7. James, I was able to use the "settings" in Astro File Manager to make, as the default music download location: /mnt/extSdcard/music So, at least theoretically, the music files you (automatically or not) download will -- by default -- hit the external card .... not your Internal Storage. Make sense?
  8. BTW: You'd have to check the Google Music settings to determine your automatic save-to location. I am not familiar with that app.
  9. ExtSdcard Yes That is where I move the entire folders -- MUSIC and MUSIC VIDEOS -- with all the resident files. Now this works perfectly for me, since I don't use a music-update app. I've got my 844 music files and 110 music video files .... and that's that. And this gave me exactly what I wanted: Use of my external storage card, allowing for more available space on my S3's internal storage. NOTE: When I began this topic, with my original post, some 30+ hours ago, I had a 32GB external card installed that I couldn't use. ASTRO FILE EXPLORER saved the day! (I believe that app to be "key" for all of us .... or at least for those SG3 owners who shared my problem.)
  10. Hiya, James. Here is the (proven) solution: (1) From Play Store, download and install ASTRO FILE MANAGER (free and paid versions are available...I went with both). (2) On your S3, under SETTINGS/STORAGE, choose FORMAT EXT SD CARD (when finished, you'll have about 29.71GB of available storage). (3) Open the app you just installed, ASTRO FILE MANAGER. In the /mnt/ directory, you'll find extSdcard (that's the external storage card you just formatted, and your new move-to location). NOTE: I followed the above steps precisely, and moved two folders -- Music and Music Videos -- to extSdcard. Then, I checked both Internal Storage and SDcard (the virtual card that resides within the internal S3 configuration), deleting from the phone (but not from extSdcard ... the 32GB external card) any duplicate MUSIC or MUSIC VIDEOS folders. Everything above worked -- and works -- fine. I use the paid versions of POWERAMP (music) and V PLAYER (videos). I wish you success; best wishes from Chicago, IL USA!
  11. [i formatted the 32GB external storage card both .... THROUGH THE PC/format/fat32 And ..... THROUGH THE PHONE storage/format] UPDATE: It seems the following app -- and you can find it in Play Store -- has eliminated at least part of my external storage card problem on my T-Mobile S3 (SGH-T999): ASTRO FILE MANAGER
  12. [PROBLEM] External storage card in T-Mobile S3 (SGH-T999) NOT RECOGNIZED OK. This past Tuesday. I picked up a 16GB T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999), in Marble White, along with a 32GB storage card. AWESOME PHONE! However, I continue to encounter a SERIOUS PROBLEM: Regardless of which appropriate application I use, I absolutely cannot transfer any app or file to the external storage card. It just won't happen. In fact, the phone does not even ackmowledge the existence of an external card. Even when my S3 is USB-connected to my PC, I am unable to move any file to the phone's storage card. The "card" image appears on my PC's screen, but I get the black "x" symbol when I attempt to move a file onto the card image. There is no problem moving files to-and-from the PC and the phone's "Internal Storage" area (as is the case with my Nexus i9250) , but no success with the external storage card. I have repeatedly re-formatted the 32GB card (which has only a "lost directory" folder showing inside it -- and I can only tell this when connected to the PC), but that is the only recognition the S3 makes regarding the card (and conceding that 29.71GB of available space does exist). From within my phone, and regardless of which file reader/explorer app I use .... the external card simply does not appear. For my purposes, I'm essentially back with my Nexus: No external storage. Is anyone else encountering this problem? I'm wondering if it's a flaw particular to the T-Mobile's SGH-T999 or if the international version GT-i9300 has the same issue. Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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